When the fish eye appears, it is mainly as a result of a person being overweight, and the constant rose with strong materials such as closed shoes. The big problem with fish eye is that it creates a large accumulation of skin and sometimes liquid, which ends up creating a hard and concentrated blister in the shape of a fish eye (that is why it is given that name).

Look at some products that you can use to prevent it or to cure it if you already have it.

1. Lavinso Feet Peel Mask:

This product removes cutin from dead skin, inhibit cutin hyperplasia, and makes skin smooth. This treatment on your feet regulates sebum secretion, and reduces inflammation of the skin, giving it softness. In addition, it deeply moisturizes your skin and whitens it. This package includes 2 booty treatments.

Using these foot masks will help you prevent recurrence of infections, soften the fish eye, improve diseased nails, and eliminate common foot germs. It is among the TOP 5 best sellers in Amazon.

2. Amopé Cream Pedi Perfect:

Cream for the recovery of the skin of the feet, Can be applied dry or wet. It is a cream rich in vitamin A, E, green caviar, pentavitine and almond oil.

Hydrates, nourishes and regenerates the skin of cracked heels for up to 24 hours. It is recommended to apply every night after the bath and before going to sleep, covering the feet with cotton stockings. It is among the Top 15 best sellers in Amazon in its category.

3. Foot cream MagniLife:

This is a moisturizing and intense treatment, developed for severely dry, cracked, itchy and sensitive skin. It also smoothes calloused, hardened skin to remove cracks, painful fissures, and relieves itching. It is a fat-free formula that penetrates deeply, full of natural ingredients based on plants, oils and botanical extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The eucalyptus oil and the yellow jasmine that it has this cream They relieve tingling and burning in your heels, while natural moisturizers and essential oils restore cracked, damaged and itchy skin to help repair them and kill bacteria that can grow and spread. To use it you must apply generously and massage on all the surfaces of the feet, heels and toes twice a day.