Currently, a watch it is much more than an accessory, and in the case of FitBit Versa, It is a smart device specially designed to be used in our daily life as well as for sports use. It has a renewed design and new functionalities that postulates it as one of the great releases of the season.

Among its features we can find a large 1.42-inch full-color screen, made with Gorilla Glass 3 and with LCD touch technology. Its design is much more refined, it has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and NFC technology, which is used for proximity payments. Also the clock FitBit Versa It is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Its design is slim and comfortable, with a lightweight anodized aluminum watch body. You can sync it with most devices and connect to your smartphone’s GPS.

Another of the strong points of FitBit Versa are your sensors. It has both an accelerometer and three-axis gyros, a heart rate monitor to be able to measure pulsations accurately during the 24 hours, integrated in the wrist, an altimeter and an ambient light sensor. On the other hand, you can charge it for around an hour to have the battery full and it lasts around four days without recharging.

It also includes an application aimed at women’s sexual health. Is application It allows you to monitor the menstrual cycle, thus knowing what our most fertile days are and receiving alerts when your cycle begins. It has visual and vibration alarms that you can activate and deactivate at your convenience, and it also has an application to relax through breathing.

Finally it allows you to quantify all the physical activity that you do during the day. It is able to monitor steps, kilometers traveled, heart rate and calories consumed accurately. At night, it monitors not only the hours of sleep, but also each of the phases we go through while we rest.

In short, it is an accessory as powerful as it is practical, and you can customize it to the full so that it can meet your specific needs at all times of the day. Do not think twice and join the new movement of smartwatches with the FitBit Versa.