Are you looking for an electronic that will help you in your day to day? See all the lightning offers it offers Amazon just for today.

1. Security camera Tenvis

This is one wireless security camera, which allows you to install it anywhere in the house. The Tenvis camera has a motion detector and connects to your cell phone to keep your home always safe. Today you can find this device with a discount of 21% and a price less than $ 30 on Amazon.

2. Wireless headphones Niuta

If you are looking for cheap wireless headphones, this model of Niuta with bluetooth 5.0 They’re ideal. They have a current price less than $ 30, for its 40% discount. With a compact design, these headphones support up to 3 hours of continuous use and their charger case can hold up to 40 hours more of battery.

3. Wireless sports headphones Knpaimly

With a very comfortable design that fits your ear, these wireless headphones are great for sport and they have a water resistance of IPX7, which resists sweat and water, and can be used in the rain. For their current 21% discount, these headphones are priced under $ 12 on Amazon.

4. Projector Vamvo

If you are looking for a projector to use both indoors and out, check out this model of Vamvo. This projector is compatible with a wide variety of electronic devices, being able to play content from your computer, cell phone, television, game console and more. Its image is of a resolution of 1280 × 768 and has a price less than $ 150 for your current 25% discount.

5. Smart watch Wjpilis

With this smartwatch You can control your physical activity, see notifications from your cell phone, make calls and much more. For your current discount, this watch is priced under $ 20, offering a very versatile device at a very low value. In AmazonIt is highly valued by customers as a device to use every day, both for daily life or sports.

6. GPS of Bankz

With a 7.7 ”screen, this car GPS navigation system It is ideal to know exactly where you have to go. It includes the updated 2019 maps of the United States, with a guaranteed update for life. In addition, you can add other maps and carry this device when you travel. Have a 22% discount and a current price less than $ 50.

7. Projector Dr. Jr Professional

With a 1080 pixel image projectionThis projector is ideal for the home and enjoying the content you want in a large size. It is compatible with the vast majority of electronic devices and has a price less than $ 75 for your 20% discount.

8. Wireless security camera Victure

With this 1080 pixel quality security camera You can control your home wirelessly from your cell ph It has a motion detector, night vision, is rechargeable and waterproof, so it can be placed outdoors. Just for today has a 25% discount and a final price less than $ 60 on Amazon.

9. Wireless headphones Tanya

Its battery can last up to 8 hours of use and in its case you can get 60 more hours of battery. These tranya headphones They have a very compact design and good sound quality, according to the positive evaluations of customers in Amazon. For his current discount of 42%, they are priced less than $ 40.

10. Electronic stimulator to relieve pain Tens

With this electronic stimulator you can relieve all kinds of muscle pain anywhere, since its compact design makes it ideal to always carry with you. East Tens Electric Massager is priced under $ 30, for its current 32% discount.

11. Solar charger Hiluckey

This portable solar charger for cell phones is ideal for athletes, since it can be charged by UV rays while you walk, hanging it comfortably from your backpack. It has 4 panels and can charge up to 2 devices at once with its 25,000mAh battery. For his 20% discount, priced less than $ 40 on Amazon.

12. Selfie stick and tripod Outsolidep

This tripod can be extended up to 52.2 “high, it can also be used as a pole selfie and it has a remote control that connects to bluetooth to take photos from a distance. It is compatible with the vast majority of cell phones and also with small cameras. Today it has a 23% discount, with a price lower than $ 20.