Take care of health with a flavored collagen.

Hydrolyzed collagen usually has no flavor. Many people even find it very easy to forget, so if you are looking for a food supplement for the joints we give you different flavored collagen that will help take care of your skin, cartilage and bones. The consumption of collagen in the morning is recommended and better if it is on an empty stomach. It is ideal for men and women after 25 years.

Cocoa cereal flavored collagen with biotin and 0 grams of fat:

Consuming a food supplement for the joints and bones should not be boring. This brand has different cereal flavors for collagen powder. Contains vitamin C and E, biotin, magnesium and iron. The consumption of this collagen helps to improve tissues, skin texture, strengthen hair thanks to its biotin and make resistant nails.

Collagen powder too can be used for cooking or to combine with milk. This flavored collagen has no added sugar. It is dairy, gluten and soy free. This will not add many calories to your diet.

Collagen strawberry lemonade flavor with vitamin C and whey to avoid dehydration:

Vitamin C helps increase collagen and it can integrate much better throughout your body. It contains serum that will help prevent you from becoming dehydrated and if you exercise it will help you recover much faster. Collagen powder helps avoid wear on joints and cartilage. If you are over 30 years old, it is a supplement that you must incorporate as soon as possible.

It has a refreshing taste, which after exercise It will help you recover. Remember not to exceed the recommended dose. There are 2 other flavors, in case you want a different option not so acidic.

3. Strawberry flavored collagen with hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and natural antioxidants:

An important ingredient for joint and bone care is glucosamine that helps maintain elasticity and natural lubrication. This collagen powder will help improve skin texture and give it luminosity and hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid. Contains acai and vitamin C which are 2 antioxidants for the immune system, skin and your body. Protects you from free radicals.

A flavored collagen that will help protect your bones and joints. This collagen comes individually packaged so you get it to work and don’t forget to consume it every day.