When the low temperatures, we are forced to make a series of changes in our daily lives to be able to deal with the cold; especially in our house. There are times when the cold can become a real problem, especially when it begins to affect our daily tasks. A good option to combat low temperatures safely and comfortably at home are the portable heaters like the ones we show you here, that you can always have with you in every room and corner of your home.

1. Portable heater practical use

Made with high quality ceramic that gives greater wear resistance over time. This heater can be easily moved around any room in the house or apartment.

Available in four different shades for the particular taste of each person. Count with one 750W power system that makes it faster, effective and capable of providing heat to two people at the same time.

2. Portable heater for indoors and outdoors

This compact radiator is ideal to take to any space of your home and heat according to your preference, since its heat source ranges from 4000 to 9000 BTU. It can also provide warmth to more than one body.

Its folding handle makes it more practical and easy to operate, as well as the rotary regulator. It can work in both internal and external spaces.

3. Portable heater with heat control

This heating machine easy to transport inside of the house has an adjustable thermostat system. Instant on and off.

It has the ability to heat a person’s body very quickly and efficiently, in addition to adjust temperature levels to your own taste.

4. Compact heater for small rooms

Count with one powerful heat system to heat cold bodies in not so big or wide spaces. Its adjustable thermostat serves to level the intensity of the high temperature to your liking.

Made with high quality ceramic that gives it greater resistance and time of use. This heater can easily be located in offices, but is ideal for small rooms or living rooms at home.

5. Portable size heater with adjustable thermostat

High resistance, made with good quality ceramic that lasts over time. Count with one 3 heat level system to choose and adjust that goes from 750 to 1500 W.

Its power source is capable of heating cold places or bodies in minutes. It also has a overheating safety that prevents possible accidents.