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Are you looking for a television with internet to watch your favorite series and movies? Here we show you the models that you can get from 24, 32 or 40 inches of screen for less than $ 200 in Amazon to give away (or give yourself) this Christmas.

1. Toshiba 32 “

Of the brand Toshiba, this television has a 32 ”screen in 720 pixel quality and has the Fire TV system of Amazon. With Fire TV you can access Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Youtube and many more applications, in addition to being compatible with Alexa, which you can access through the built-in microphone on its remote control.

With a price less than $ 150 for its current 28% discount, this Toshiba TV is the most economical in the guide and it is also the best seller, with more than 9,200 reviews. At Amazon, customers mention that it is a good value for money model, with an adequate screen resolution and that the Fire TV system is very easy to operate.

2. TCL 32 “

We found another 32 ”screen model, but this time with 1080 pixel quality. The TCL TV includes the Roku system, with which you can watch all kinds of content live or on streaming of the most popular applications. It includes a small remote control easy to use and although the Roku system requires a registration, it can be done for free and download the applications that you like.

his price does not exceed $ 150 and it is highly valued by customers in Amazon. Highlights of this model are its great features in relation to its low price and ease of use. They warn that there are many scams on the internet related to the registration of Roku, so you should keep in mind that the company does not ask for any payment to register this system.

3. TCL 40 “

East TCL TV It is the same model as the previous product, but with a 40 ”screen and 1080 pixel quality. It includes the Roku TV system, from where you can access more than 500,000 series and movies, in addition to being a compatible TV with Alexa and the Google assistant. It has a small remote control that is easy to use, but you can also control the TV or search for content using the brand’s mobile application.

With a 40 ”screen, this is the biggest TV in the guide, with a price less than $ 180 for your 40% discount on Amazon. Customers appreciate this TCL TV, mainly for its features, its low price and the ease of the Roku system, ideal for all ages.

4. Vizio 24 “

Finally, we show you this Vizio TV It has a 24 ”LED screen and 1080 pixel quality. This model does not include any entertainment system like the previous ones, but the same TV has pre-installed applications and also a store, from where you can download others. Due to its menu that is displayed at the bottom of the screen, it is a model that allows you to change applications easily and quickly.

Its about smallest TV from the guide24 ”which is ideal for spaces such as a bedroom or a narrow living room. It is priced under $ 200 and customers in Amazon They mention that it is a simple television, but with great quality and easy to use.