The costumes of terrifying clowns they are one of the great classics of horror parties; but when it arrives Halloween They gain much more strength and are one of everyone’s favorite costumes. This year there is a wide variety of options and designs for this popular character, and they will undoubtedly be the kings of every Halloween party. That is why here we show you some costume options that you can consider to scare everyone in your path:

1. Clown in black and red with sinister mask

Terrifying outfit inspired by the image of an extremely terrifying clown. The costume is made with polyester fabrics High quality that offer comfort at all times.

Ideal for use by any adult regardless of gender. An easy to use set and also to wash, making it totally recommended for Halloween night.

2. Shirt and mask “Item”

This suit is made up of a shirt with large red buttons and a scary clown mask inspired by the famous movie It. The shirt fabric is made of high quality polyester that offers more comfort.

This costume also includes a hood, boot covers, a removable arm and a balloon that complement the image of the iconic clown.

3. Colorful and sinister clown costume

A clown-inspired set from horror stories, which is designed primarily for men. Made with polyester fabric that provides comfort and resistance, in addition to a vinyl mask.

Its standard size makes it ideal for men of medium build. It consists of a set of only one piece with colorful prints and a more realistic looking mask.

4. Clown with saw and striped suit

This suit with design Classic red striped on white background with a black collar features a worn and realistic look that makes it even scarier in the eyes of all.

Made with fabric of strong polyester and of high quality that lasts over time. Ideal for use at a Halloween-themed party or gathering.

5. Killer clown with realistic mask

It is a black and white set whole body with split pattern design. Its polyester fabric and latex mask represent the image of a clown from a horror movie.

The costume includes the one-piece suit, ruffled collar and the mask with a realistic finish to complement the outfit.