Get ready on time!

It seems that a lot is missing, but in reality we are just a short time away from starting to celebrate Halloween parties with friends and coworkers.

This Halloween date has become a perfect excuse for fun, parties, candy and many costumes. Generally costumes are chosen well in advance to be the protagonist of the celebration and surprise everyone with your creativity. But…. We know that not all people have the gift of creativity, therefore, here we share some options to help you select yours.

1. Fun World: Lost Puppy


The Lost Puppy costume includes a stuffed nude body, pink and white polka dot dress, plush dog and the “lost dog” sign. It is a wide one-size-fits-all piece, easily adjusts to the measurements of an adult person.

It is made with 88% polyester and 12% lycra. An imported piece that must be washed by hand and with cold water. It is an original and fun model that will appeal to adults and children.

2. Boo Inc: Fresh avocado

Unlike a normal avocado, this costume is comfortable and unisex cut. Its size allows it to adapt to all styles. This suit is made entirely of polyester and is waterproof, wrinkle or shrink resistant.

A cool and very comfortable costume that you can wear at theme parties, Halloween, or costume contests. You can dance and have fun in a big way and attract the attention of all your friends.

3. Rasta Imposta: The Finger


The costume includes a hand-shaped tunic. An oversized piece that has a human hand design with the middle finger extended. This costume is one size fits all, and will make you a hit at your next Halloween celebration.

Its size is adjustable for most adults. The set does not include the shirt, pants and shoes. It is a new and resistant product, ideal not only for Halloween but also for any costume party.

4. Fun World: Donkey Rider

A super cute and fun costume, including donkey bottom pants and a poncho. Its design is made of 100% polyester. It is imported and has a zip closure at the back.

It is an ideal costume for men, since its standard size fits most of them. Does not include hat or bottle; more if there is some tequila around you can complete this fun Halloween costume.

5. ET costume: Inflatable alien


This imported costume is one size fits all. Fits most adults and teens. It is made of high quality waterproof polyester. It is suitable for all ages.

It is ideal for Halloween parties, cosplay, role playing, and more. It is super practical, since it inflates in seconds, making it very easy to carry, deflate and store once you have finished using it.