To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Cacique® Inc., one of the leading brands of authentic Mexican food in the United States, you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by partnering with some of the most respectable culinary industry authorities to reveal What’s Next in Mexican Cuisine (what is to come in the kitchen Mexican). Highlighting the profound influence that Mexican cuisine has in the United States, and for the second consecutive year, the company’s predictions include food and beverage trends for 2020, along with recipes developed by panelists who were inspired by those trends.

Cacique assembled a panel of the best culinary talent to present this year’s predictions. Conducted by Aaron Sánchez, long-time award-winning chef, television personality and brand partner, the panel also includes the talent of award-winning semi-finalist James Beard Best Chef West, Chef Claudette Zepeda and the Chef Thomas Ortega of Love and Tacos in Los Angeles, as well as the unique perspectives of the James Beard-winning food writer and author Bill Esparza and at Mixologist Alex Valencia of La Contenta in New York.

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“We create What’s Next in Mexican Cuisine to extend the values ​​of our brand – family, integrity, quality and authenticity – beyond the products we create every day, and highlight the impact that Mexican cuisine has had in our country during such an important moment for our community, the Hispanic Heritage Month, ”said Gil de Cardenas, CEO, Cacique, Inc.“ We are proud to celebrate the authenticity of Mexican cuisine, and in turn, project what follows for Mexican cuisine – in conjunction with several of the most prominent personalities in today’s culinary world. “

The most popular Mexican food and beverage trends for 2020 include:

  • Mexican herbs such as Saint leaf, epazote and marjoram will rise to the top of the flavor, making itself present in both dishes and drinks.
  • Nixtamalization – an ancient process that transforms corn into dough – will be the star culinary technique for preparing fresh, homemade tortillas and tamales.
  • Interest in plant foods will spread to Mexican cuisine as chefs change the use of meats for popular, regional vegetables for their traditional dishes.
  • From grasshoppers to escamoles, more people will accept insects as ingredients, particularly when incorporated into sauces.
  • The Yucatan Peninsula and Central Mexico will stand out for being popular places that have influence on Mexican cuisine as such, and as culinary destinations.
  • The Valle de Guadalupe will gain popularity as one of the world’s most popular emerging wine regions.
  • Pulque, tepache and Mexican whiskeys will gain popularity as trendy beverage ingredients.
  • As more access to more fresh, regional ingredients becomes available, home chefs will have more self-confidence to cook right from the start with basic ingredients in their own kitchens.
  • Young chefs will take inspiration from their family and regional heritage, but will modernize these Mexican traditions with their own twists
  • Mexican cuisine will be recognized as more complex and with more variations – instead of always being spicy and heavy.

“As we move towards 2020, I am excited to see a new and great appreciation for Mexican cuisine as its position within the culinary world continues to be high,” said Chef Aarón Sánchez. “There are so many talented chefs who are preparing traditional dishes, methods and ingredients in a spirit of reinvention or creating entirely new dishes. What’s Next in Mexican Cuisine it provides a platform that highlights these trends and inspires those at home to explore our cuisine by creating dishes that are prepared with authentic ingredients that incorporate our rich history as well as our bright future. ”

Each of the panelists designed a recipe that reflects their predictions, so that anyone can recreate the most popular trends in Mexican food in their own kitchens. Recipes include tamales with “carnitas” of jaca by Chef Aarón Sánchez, tacos of celery root and potato by Chef Claudette Zepeda, a cheese taco and birria ribs by Chef Thomas Ortega, a mini tlayuda of chorizo by Bill Esparza and a old fashioned chorizo by Mixologist Alex Valencia.

For more than 45 years, Cacique has remained a family business dedicated to producing authentic products of the highest quality, including Mexican cheeses, creams, sausages, and yogurts. This year, the company expanded its variety of Mexican food staples and snacks to include authentic home-style sauces, Mexican-style cheese dips, and pre-cooked chorizos. To learn more about Cacique, visit and find Cacique at Facebook, Instagram Y Twitter.

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