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Competing in the smartwatch market, HONOR has presented its flagship product named Magic Watch 2 in India.

This smartwatch comes with an attractive design that has an AMOLED screen and many Watch Face options so that it can pamper its users.

Meanwhile, HONOR Magic Watch 2 is also equipped with many features such as fitness detectors, exercise training, music players, and others that are able to support the daily activities of its users.

HONOR Magic Watch 2 is arguably affordable, is Magic Watch 2 able to compete with other devices in the same price range?


In India, HONOR Magic Watch 2 comes with 2 variants consisting of Charcoal Black and Flax Brown. The difference between these 2 variants is on the button, the rope supporting frame, and the string. Incidentally, I myself got a product of the Flax Brown variant.

This variant of the Flax Brown smartwatch looks sporty with a black bezel and a round shape with Tachymeter numbers on the edges. While the buttons and frames are connected with silver strings.

The strap that is present in the Magic Watch 2 variant is brown with leather material. The body of this smartwatch is made of Stainless Steel which makes it feel sturdy and expensive when used.

When the HONOR Magic Watch 2 is pinned to the wrist, I feel comfortable using it even if it is used for daily activities. Moreover, the rope that uses leather doesn’t make my hands itch even though it’s used for a long time.

In addition to the brown leather strap, HONOR also provides a black rubber strap on the Magic Watch 2 sales package to provide variety for buyers. Although it has dimensions that reach 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7 mm and weighs 41 grams, this smartwatch feels light and comfortable when I use it.

There are 2 main buttons that are present on the right side of Magic Watch 2. The main buttons at the top have functions to access the menu and return to the Watch Face or main page. While the button at the bottom can be used to be a shortcut for one of the predefined menus.

Almost similar to today’s smartwatch, on the back of Magic Watch 2 there are various sensors that can be used to detect heart rate, oxygen levels, stress levels, and sleep quality. There are also 2 magnetic pins that can be attached to the charger to charge the battery.


HONOR Magic Watch 2 is also equipped with 5 ATM water resistance certificates which prove that this watch is resistant to use under water to a depth of 50 meters. This allows me to use it for water sports such as swimming, water polo, and many more.

The screen design of the smartwatch looks attractive and has a shape like a watch. This screen has a width of 1.39 inches with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels and AMOLED technology that is able to display content clearly and clearly.

The brightness of the screen from HONOR Magic Watch 2 is able to adjust in a variety of conditions, both dark and in the hot sun so that it makes me no trouble to see the content that appears.

By default, the screen of this smartwatch will not be active if we are not viewing it. But the Magic Watch 2 screen will activate automatically because it can detect the movement of my hand twisting when I want to see smartwatch content.

This is one of the reasons battery life of Magic Watch 2 is economical because it does not waste a lot of energy to display content continuously.

Meanwhile, if you want to display content or clock display continuously, it can activate the Show Time feature that will turn on the screen long enough from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Honor Magic Watch 2 application

To connect between Magic Watch 2 with a smartphone, I must have the HUAWEI Health app first. To get this application, you can download it on the Google Play Store for Android-based smartphones and Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Especially for HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones, this application is immediately available in it. Unfortunately, some smartphones besides the 2 brands sometimes can’t install the HUAWEI Health additional library properly, which makes it constrained in the Magic Watch 2 connection process.

In this review, I use HUAWEI P30 to become a HONOR Magic Watch 2. The connection between the 2 devices is also easy because it is done using the HUAWEI Health app which will provide step-by-step guidance to completion.


Actually, HUAWEI Health is a health, fitness and sports monitoring application that is embedded directly on HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones. For this reason, all wearable devices from both brands will use this application.

After Magic Watch 2 and HUAWEI P30 are connected, then I can make settings through HUAWEI Health with several menus such as Fitness Data, Watch Face, Help, Huawei TruSleep, Activity Reminder, Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring, Automatic Stress Test, Alarm, Notification, Music, and many more.

Watch Face is an interface that usually appears on the main page on the Magic Watch 2 screen. This display usually shows the time, date, day, weather, heart rate, number of steps, battery percentage, etc. with various designs that can be chosen according to our wishes .


HONOR has also presented dozens of Watch Faces on Magic Watch 2 with a variety of attractive designs. Meanwhile, I myself have a favorite Watch Face called 24-hour Time.

This Watch Face displays analog clock complete with seconds, minutes and hours hands. There is also other information that is presented 24-Hour Time starting from date, day, number of steps, percentage of battery, and heart rate.

When I move the Watch Face from right to left of the Magic Watch 2 screen, I find other main menus such as heart rate detector, stress level, weather forecast, number of steps, and music.

HONOR Magic Watch 2 can deliver phone, SMS, e-mail and application notifications that are installed on a smartph1. For notifications that display simple information, but the full message can be read for some applications such as WhatsApp.

Through this notification, I can also reply to SMS with an existing template. I myself can set any application notifications that appear on Magic Watch 2 by setting them up on HUAWEI Health.

While I can immediately receive phone calls or reject Magic Watch 2. If I receive a call, then I can have a conversation with the caller because this smartwatch has a microphone and internal speaker.

With 4 GB of internal storage, this smartwatch can store up to 500 songs at a time. I can even play music directly on Magic Watch 2 loudly thanks to the presence of internal speakers.

But you can also make phone conversations or listen to music using a Bluetooth headset when connected to this smartwatch.


HUAWEI TruSleep is one of the features I like most from Magic Watch 2 because it can detect the quality of sleep, ranging from the duration of sleep, deep sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep. After the results of his sleep out, the HUAWEI Health application will provide suggestions to maintain good sleep quality.

As for fitness and sports, Magic Watch 2 comes with a Workout feature that presents 15 different types of sports with Indoor and Outdoor categories such as Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Run, Indoor Walk, Pool Swim, Outdoor Cycle, Open Water, Climb, and still much more.

Magic Watch 2 has a GPS that can lock position properly. While the monitoring steps are accurate because the amount is not calculated when I ride the vehicle. But if I walk or run, then the amount will be calculated.

For my activities that are often done like walking, Magic Watch 2 is able to present my position that moves from the starting point to the end accurately.

Meanwhile, if I activate Outdoor Walk on the Workout menu, this smartwatch will present a fairly complete information starting from the duration, distance traveled, calories burned, speed, number of steps, heart rate, elevation, and others.


With regular use for daily activities plus inactive GPS, Magic Watch 2 is able to last up to 14 days from a 100% battery percentage to 0%. However, if used for more routine activities with a screen that lights up and GPS is active, the battery will be more drained.

Charging the Magic Watch 2 battery is fairly fast because it only takes 1 hour 40 minutes from 0% to 100%. This smartwatch has 2 magnetic pins that can stick to the built-in charger mat making it easier for me to charge the battery without the hassle of plugging it into the cable.

In addition, Magic Watch 2 features a Find Phone that makes it easy to search for a smartphone when it is forgotten. When this feature is activated, the smartphone will read loudly with the tone “I’m Here” even though the volume is set to the smallest.

HONOR Magic Watch 2 is one of the affordable smartwatches.Moreover, the many features offered make this smartwatch more attractive.


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