Stretch marks are skin atrophies in the form of lines, mainly light colored or in purple shades when they are just coming out.

They are usually long and thin, and appear as a result of stretching of the skin, and due to this stretching, the dermis (a layer of the skin) breaks. When the skin is stretched quickly, as when weight gain occurs, or during a pregnancy, it is coming out. Stretch marks appear in both women and men, but currently there are many products such as creams, especially those that contain collagen, which greatly help to diminish their appearance, and even disappear them. See below for some options.

1. ScarEx Cream:

For removal and prevention of stretch marks and new scars, the best formula for pregnancy or overweight, with retinol, collagen and vitamin E.

2. Butter cream Body Boost Milk & Honey:

The key to strong and elastic skin is the application of nutrients that are absorbed deep down where the skin needs it. Body Boost It is packed with nourishing ingredients that fight stretch marks, quickly absorb and soothe itchy skin.

3. Mederma PM cream:

It helps to clarify and prevent stretch marks and pregnancy marks. It also helps increase the natural collagen production.

4. Cream TriLASTIN-SR:

The TriLASTIN-SR stretch mark cream It works by reducing the visibility of the stretch marks when targeting the epidermis, providing it with the support it needs for the natural regeneration of collagen and elastin. This makes the top layer of skin thicker and less translucent, which visibly reduces the appearance of scarring in stretch marks.