Eliminate fungus and its discomfort once and for all.

The mushrooms or mycosis as its scientific name is, it is a skin condition caused by the presence of fungi that generates itching, redness and peeling. It can reach any area of ​​the body, and it becomes more frequent during the summer, because the heat and sweat are conducive to the reproduction of the fungi that inhabit our skin and cause infection.

In order for the fungus to develop, certain conditions must be met, such as depression of the immune system and being in a hot and humid environment. This type of infections They can appear more frequently after treatment with antibiotics, because bacteria on the skin disappear, allowing fungi to proliferate.

Another cause to suffer mushrooms It is walking barefoot in public places such as beaches, swimming pools or baths, suffering from poor blood circulation, nail injuries, unprotected sexual intercourse, excessive showers, excessive sweating, wearing very tight clothes and frequenting places that are too humid and hot, increase the risk of developing mycosis.

There are different types of fungus on the skin such as nail fungus, which occurs under them and on the skin around it, being more frequent on the toenails; candidiasis, which is a fungus that develops in the mouth and genitals; and the common fungus beach, which produces a substance that prevents melanin from occurring in skin exposed to the sun.

We also have athlete’s foot that affects the toes and the sole of the foot. Also, there are various types of ringworm such as jock itch, skin and hair ringworm. In most cases, these mushrooms They are treated with the application of skin medications such as creams or ointments, in case they are persistent, stronger capsules and medications should be used. We can find treatments very effective as those shown below.

1. Lamisil: Athlete’s foot cream


Formulated to treat athlete’s foot and foot fungus, with only 7 days of application. Heals most athlete’s foot, most jock itch and ringworm on the body.

This cream provides you relief from itching, burns and scales that can accompany this type of fungus. It is an effective treatment that you should only apply to the affected area.

2. Kerasal: For the nail fungus


It is specially formulated to help restore healthy, discolored or damaged nail fungus nail appearance as it penetrates deeply in them.

Improve appearance of your nails as it reduces discoloration, removes damaged layers, normalizes thickness, rehydrates them and restores their natural shine. You only apply on your nails to get the results.

3. FineVine: Bath gel Bodily


This bath gel with tea tree oil It is formulated with natural ingredients, without preservatives or synthetic aromas to obtain the best results. Clean and hydrate your skin.

It helps you to wash and defend you against fungi and bacteria responsible for body odors, athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, foot and nail fungus. Helps your damaged skin heal faster.