Maintain the health of your body and cure infections without affecting your body.

A urinary infection It is a very common inflammation that affects our urinary tract. This condition can occur in the bladder, in the kidneys, in the ureters or in the urethra. When the infection occurs in the bladder it is called cystitis or also bladder infection, in the kidneys we know this disease as pyelonephritis or kidney infection, it can affect one or both kidneys.

Exceptionally, urinary infection can occur in the ureters, which are the channels that are responsible for carrying urine from the kidneys to the bladder and finally, we can have infection in the urethra, which is the channel that is responsible for expelling urine out of our body and in this case, this disease is known by the name of urethritis.

Generally and in most cases, Urinary infections they are produced by bacteria that enter both the urethra and the bladder; If we do not treat it in time, the infection can spread and spread to the kidneys. In some cases, our own organism eliminates these bacteria organically, however, there are some factors that have a greater impact and increase the risk of suffering these annoying infections.

In the case of women, we are more prone to urinary infections because our urethra is shorter. Some of the causes may be sexual intercourse, diabetes, old age, stones, pregnancy, catheters, and some others. Symptoms range from discomfort and pain when urinating, to fever and very severe abdominal pain.

However, we can eliminate these infections naturally by helping our bodies fight the bacteria that produce them. Among the ways to cure this disease naturally we find ourselves from infusions, drinks and food. Here we recommend some natural products, special to eliminate urine infections.

1. Natural Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection


Its formula is herbal without side effects. It is effective in combating high bacterial counts, it works against tough strains of E. coli that antibiotics sometimes cannot help.

Is a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and diuretic to prevent the growth of bacteria. It works quickly to ease the infection and symptoms of urinary tract infections.

2. D-Manosa Plus: Blueberries and Probiotics


It presents a whole fruit juice mix Cranberry with a unique probiotic profile, which supports the maintenance of a healthy urinary tract when used regularly.

His formula triple action At maximum strength, D-Manosse is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in some plants, including blueberries. Small amounts are metabolized by our bodies, but excreted in the urine.

3. UT-Fem: 7-day treatment


It is a natural 7-day formula and fast absorption. Its ingredients have been clinically proven to demonstrate that it eliminates urinary tract infections naturally, quickly and safely.

This product is specially designed to treat urinary tract infections in women. Its presentation is capsules that you can easily take and designed to be used only for 7 days.