With a few elements you can achieve great changes in the energies of your home.

There are many ways in which you can create a favorable environment in your home in order to attract the best energies. One of them is through Feng shui, which requires objects that emulate the elements of the nature, which must be placed in a key way in each of the spaces of the house.

To create an environment where you feel comfortable and in turn allow positive energy to flow, you need objects that emulate: wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. Group decorative objects by the material they are made of, such as wood with wood, metal with metal, etc. The pillar of all this is in the order, with which we seek to balance the positive and negative energies that are created in each of our spaces.

Each room should have its own energy and should not be mixed, so it is recommended that each one have its own space and communicate through doors or corridors.

Remember that cleaning is essential for the circulation of Good vibrations, so before decorating, you must remove what you do not need so that the new has room to enter.

1. Valentinyii: 4-level decorative font

This decorative platter is made of polyester resin Lightweight and high quality that facilitates movement and positioning. Includes an electric recirculation pump and an easy to configure power cord. Pebbles are not included.

Is a table fountain with earthy and natural levels excellent for both indoor and outdoor areas. According to Feng Shui, it is good that you incorporate other natural elements such as pebbles to enhance its effects; Of course, without recharging since you will produce the opposite effect. Remember to change the water often.

2. Deco 79: meditating buddha statue

The buddha statue is made in polyresin, a very durable malleable material with a porcelain-like appearance but much less brittle. The robe is made of silver.

The material of the statue represents the earth and the statue itself, symbolizes wisdomFor the Buddha used this gesture in his final meditation under the Bodhi tree when he attained enlightenment. When choosing space to place it, make sure it shares with others of its same earth element.

3. Nature’s Mark: 9-piece zen garden

This zen garden measures 7 x 6 inches and comes with 9 pieces: a base, 4 rocks, a sandbag, a rake, a buddha statue and a pavilion.

Use this Zen Mini Garden board for meditation or help you create a peaceful energy in your home. You can place it in a “serenity room” or in a quiet corner of your home or office. This decorative element represents the earth and is perfect to be placed in a corner and thus avoid the Chi getting stuck.

4. WOODMUSIC: soft tone hanging mobile

Made in metal and beech woodThe pendant features 6 precision-tuned aluminum tubes by master craftsmen. Its nylon strings will keep its timbre for years to come.

He pendant will emit positive vibrations coming from the air currents that will circulate through each and every one of your spaces. Also, unlike other wind chimes that make noise, these will delight your senses with soft tones. Place it in your backyard, patio or deck.