The space where we live is our sacred place. It is an intimate and special environment, which is a kind of refuge for our body and mind. Accordingly, houses often have emotional charges and energies own, which can be perceived in the environment, as well as influence the dynamics and how we feel within the House.

After your daily journey, the best reward is to come to a space where you feel completely comfortable, free, at ease and with the feeling of warmth that only our home can provide. However, the levels of stress, violence and even exhaustion from daily life and from outside are often ingredients that contaminate the energy in our homes.

The negative energiess tend to give spaces the feeling of heaviness, displeasure and discomfort, making that instead of wanting to stay there, the first thing it causes us to do is run away. In this sense, we can find a series of elements and rituals that allow us purify energies of our house and have a completely harmonious space.

Since ancient times cleaning through the burning of sage or incensesIt is one of the fastest ways to purify the environment. It is a kind of energy shower for spaces, while helping us reduce stress. You can walk with these lighted wands from the inside of your house to the outside, passing through each room and impregnating the environment with this smoke.

The scented candles They also provide energy cleaning to the spaces, and they immediately give you the feeling of relaxation that you need so much. On the other hand, objects that are related to any of the 4 elements, such as plants (earth) or sources (water) are also excellent instruments for the flow and purification of energies. Here we show you several options that you can put into practice in your own home and enjoy a peaceful and relaxed environment:

1. Karma Scents: Various Incenses


Hand-mixed and wound in India according to ancient traditions, they contain all pure and natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs and wood gums. Includes 180 sticks and 6 incense burners.

You can use them to purify energies of your house and any environment. They also work for aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, healing, prayer, and even for your moments of romance.

2. Aimasi: Scented candles


The candles are made with pure soy wax, naturally biodegradable and ecological. Each scented candle is 2.2 oz. And burns approximately 12 to 15 hours. You can locate them anywhere in your home.

This gift set includes candles with 4 fragrances: jasmine, lilac, lotus and white gardenia. Made of tin, you can seal them and take them wherever you go.

3. Source of Meditation Zen


This source of Zen meditation for him inside your home It is made up of four bowls, which refer to the water element and give you the feeling of relaxation thanks to the sound they emit.

You can place them on a table in the room of your choice, the water circulation from this mini source it makes all the energies in your house flow as is characteristic of this element, creating a purified environment.