Say goodbye to pesky lice once and for all.

The lice They are small insects that feed through the blood of our scalp. They generally affect more frequently children and they are transmitted directly through the contact of the hair of one person with lice to the other. Suffering from a lice infestation is not necessarily due to lack of personal hygiene or an environment with poor hygiene measures.

You may not notice that you have a lice infection, but the most common symptoms are first itch on the scalp, which is an allergic reaction caused by saliva from lice. When it is the first time for a person with this condition, the itching can appear between two and six weeks after the infection.

In this sense, the lice They are visible, but they are difficult to detect because they are small, avoid contact with light, and move quickly throughout the scalp. In the case of nits or lice eggs, they adhere to the hair stems, and when they are hatching they cannot be seen because they are very small. You can more easily detect them around the ears and in the hairline at the nape of the neck.

It is difficult to prevent the spread of lice, especially in children who attend schools or daycare centers, because they are in direct contact all the time. To determine an active infestation of lice it is through the identification of a living nymph or an adult louse. You can check wet hair, applying a conditioner and running a fine comb to separate the sections and check much better.

To eliminate them, it is advisable to use an over-the-counter medicine formulated to kill both lice and eggs. This treatment is recommended to be repeated after nine days to kill the nymphs before they become adult lice. Here are some options that allow you to end the annoying infested with lice.

1. V-Comb: Lice vacuum comb


It is a natural lice treatment for the whole family. It is a lice comb and a registered device by the FDA that instantly sucks up lice and eggs.

Very Easy to useAll lice and eggs are captured in the disposable catch filter, which allows safe and trouble-free disposal. It offers you the most advanced option available on the market.

2. Complete Treatment Lice Elimination


Includes a complete and effective treatment and post head lice treatment with original non-toxic gel, daily maintenance shampoo and gel conditioning formula, as well as a metal comb.

It gives you the tools to end your lice outbreak and make your family lice free. You don’t need to go to a clinic, now you can take care of the infestation yourself in the comfort of your home.

3. Professional Comb Lice Remover


With this comb you remove even the smallest lice or nits eggs from the hair with their teeth in spiral shape. It is made of durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Their slip resistant bands On the handle they allow you to hold it firmly, while protecting the scalp and hair thanks to the rounded ends of the teeth.