Our skin It is the largest and most exposed organ of the body, for this reason there are many and very diverse conditions that it can suffer and that they leave their trail. The scars most common are those caused by acne; However, an operation, caesarean section or accident can leave an unsightly mark on the skin and that you will certainly want to eliminate.

Today we can count on a series of products, techniques and procedures that are specially designed to treat all types of scars, and most importantly: eliminate them completely. In principle, a good diagnosis about the type of scar we need to treat, and in this way we will find the right product.

One of the first ways to approach the diagnosis of a scar is to fundamentally review its appearance; that is, if it is flat, bulky, sunken, or colored. Likewise, the type of skin, the location on the body, the direction of the wound, the type of skin lesion, the age of the person to be treated scar and finally its nutritional status.

It is essential to understand that the process of cicatrization It is the way that our body has to heal and replace the skin lost or damaged as a result of infections, surgeries, injuries or inflammation of the tissue. That is why each organism heals in its own way and in a personalized way.

Finally, thanks to the advances in the medical and cosmetic industry, you can find a series of specially formulated products to remove the scars without the need for surgical, abrasive or invasive procedures. In this sense, here we show you some of the options available for you to say goodbye forever to the scars of your skin.

1. Mederma: Anti scar gel

This scar cream works both with old scars Like new, including acne scars, surgery scars, burn scars, cuts and more other injuries to your skin.

You should only apply it once a day on the scar you want to remove. It is one of the most efficient products, and is clinically proven which improves the appearance, color and texture of scars.

2. Cicatricure: Scar reducing gel


This fast-acting cream quickly softens and repairs scars. Its formula is 100% organic and natural for scars caused by acne, burns, cuts, injuries, surgeries and stretch marks.

Take care of your skin with a simple application on the affected area. It is a gel specially formulated for visibly reduce the appearance of scars and restore natural freshness and smoothness to your skin.

3. Cream with Oil Vitamin E


Shea butter and omega 3-rich coconut oil and antioxidants repair the skin and prevent keloid scar tissue from forming. It is rich in natural ingredients of vitamins A and E, such as avocado oil.

This face and body cream removes scars and helps regenerate new skin cells, while hydrates and neutralizes natural sebum production for radiant skin.