Recover the health and beauty of your skin after giving birth.

The stretch marks are small lines on our skin of purple or whitish hue, produced by the breakdown of elastic fibers of the skin. Generally, they usually appear when the skin shrinks or stretches in a large amount and in a short time, as it happens during the pregnancy. After the fibers are broken by this stretching, the marks that we know as stretch marks appear.

After pregnancy, stretch marks are of great concern to most women. In general, these skin marks can appear on areas of our body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms and on the bust.

These parts are the ones that have basically changed their size the most during the pregnancy, so they are the most likely to stretch and have stretch marks. In the same way, genetics also plays a fundamental role in the development of stretch marks during pregnancy, as well as metabolism and hormones. These aspects, with the exception of weight gain, you cannot control, so it is essential that you manage to focus on some options to reduce stretch marks or to prevent its appearance.

Among some of the aspects to consider to prevent and treat stretch marks is controlling weight, following a healthy diet with foods that contribute to collagen levels, exercising and keeping the skin hydrated. Finally, the use of creams and specially formulated products, as well as those shown below.

1. Cream with Cocoa butter and Vitamin E

Designed to prevent stretch marks on your abdomen, nourish your belly before and after pregnancy with this rich and hydrating lotion. Formulated with cocoa butter, shea and jojoba, which are natural moisturizers.

This belly butter fragrance free Moisturizes gently and safely as your belly and skin stretch during pregnancy. Provides relief and comfort to stretched skin.

2. Moraz: Anti stretch marks cream

Formulated only with natural ingredients like shea butter, soybean oil, avocado oil and wheat germ oil. They ensure that your skin remains safe and healthy.

This skin cream works for pregnancy and for post-natal stretch marks, helps reduce age spots, freckles and visible discolorations. You get one soft skin and flexible.

3. Organic Butter for the belly


It is a soothing blend and rich in emollients It relieves dry, tight and stretched skin of the pregnancy belly. Its texture is creamy and rich, with a delicious natural aroma of cocoa butter.

It melts with the heat of your body, so only with a little that you apply helps you a lot. Use it daily on the belly, hips or anywhere that needs special attention.

4. Cream with Vitamin B5


his unique formula Combine macadamia nut oil, tamanu oil, and raw African shea butter to tone skin and reduce the chance of stretch marks.

Minimizes new stretch marks when the abdomen expands during pregnancy, reduces the redness and itchiness. It is fat-free and fragrance-free, with organic and natural ingredients for minimal impact.