An important part of any weight loss regimen.

The fiber It is a substance found in plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. Our organism It does not have the ability to digest fiber, so it passes through the intestines very quickly. This element basically has the function of adding volume to the diet and making you feel full more quickly.

In this sense, both food and supplements Rich in fiber are perfect to complement any diet to lose weight and stay healthy. For their part, diets rich in fiber are highly recommended for people who suffer from constipation. When you increase the consumption of fiber in your diet, you must also increase the consumption of water so that you help regulate the digestive process.

One of the main objectives of diets rich in fiber is to substantially improve health, since fiber is a compound that strengthens the immune system. Foods of this type are both nutrient dense and low in calories so they are really effective in losing weight.

One of the best sources of natural fiber is Fresh fruits, as well as vegetables with a high content of starch and legumes. These subsistence allowance They are characterized by a moderate consumption of whole grains and vegetables with low starch content and low amounts of products of animal origin such as meats, eggs and dairy products of all kinds.

Finally, in addition to all the foods indicated and the abundant consumption of liquids It is a very important part of this regimen, along with a routine of physical or sports activity. There are supplements rich in fiber that can be a excellent choice to complement a diet plan, and here are some available for you.

1. Fiber supplement sugarfree


It is a transparent and flavorless fiber supplement that is made with ingredients 100% natural and it can be added to almost any drink. This powder contains wheat dextrin fiber, a very powerful natural prebiotic.

Nourish the microflora in your digestive system in this way to provide additional support to your digestive health. The possibilities for you to incorporate it into your diet are endless.

2. Gummies high fiber chews

They are delicious chewy gummies rich in fiber that are specially formulated to complement the intake daily fiber. Each unit features natural fruit flavors such as strawberry, apple, grape, cherry, orange, and lemon.

You only need to chew two gummies twice a day to get the recommended dose of fiber. These tablets contain unulin, a highly soluble fiber. A practical and delicious solution that benefits your Health and helps you lose weight.

3. Fiber Organic


It is a supplement formulated with raw vegan fiber that is also very rich in proteins, probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids that stimulate general health. It is made from 15 superfoods raw organic.

A patented formula in charge of supporting intestinal health, cardiovascular functions and general health. At the same time, it helps you eliminate toxins and to keep your blood sugar levels stable.