If you have dry or damaged hair, wearing a mask helps improve and repair your hair. There are thousands of hair masks from the jar ones, in conditioner, but the new trend is cap masks. These masks are like full face masks, as they have more product and should be left on for at least 15 minutes.

These beanie masks come in the form of a bathing cap, in which you can cover all your hair. They are perfect for hydrate, repair, and grow it. Also, while you put on these cap masks you can do a manicure, watch a series, because the hair stays in place and you will not have to stop your activities.

1. Argan oil hair mask

This mask helps hydrate, nourish and also detangles, it has a serum that helps hair growth and repairs it. Thanks to Argan oil And coconut oil repairs from the root, it also has 4 natural ingredients that ensure that the ends are sealed. Can be used for hair that has been dyed, it is safe to use.

It is a mask that you can use as an emergency for those moments when you feel your hair lifeless or you have an important event and you want to wear beautiful hair. This hat is for single use only. It is very easy to use and it is better to buy a set of 3 packages.

2. A mask that gives a deep treatment

This mask helps to give a deep treatment with each use. It is from the L’oréal line free of sulfates and parabens, making it perfect to use after combing, dyeing or ironing your hair. This cap mask must be used inside the shower because when using steam, it helps the formula to be based on hair strands to give an instant result.

Then you should wash your hair. The process can be long, but the care is fast and intense. There is another mask in case your hair is very dry. There are sets with more masks. his cost is accessible so you can test its benefits.

3. A mask that hydrates more than a serum

This mask helps repair up to 5 times more than a serum It repairs damaged hair from the inside out, makes it more elastic, renews it and makes it brighter. They are ideal for any length. It will help keep it smooth and manageable. The process can be a bit long, since it must first be used on clean hair, then used for a few minutes and then washed again.

Although the process is not a few minutes, the result will be for several weeks. This set It has 3 hat masks. They are ideal for you to check the results of these masks.