The mixture of the earth with the water is a perfect formula to become a mask for skin care. From the face to the toes, this type of mask provides multiple benefits; such as cell regeneration, provide an antiseptic effect, exfoliating properties ideal for the process of renewal of the skin, help release toxins from the body and absorb fat accumulated in the dermis. From ancient cultures, women used the mud to rejuvenate your skin and make it look smoother and healthier.

But all these beneficial qualities are not the only thing you get when using a mud mask. It has recently been confirmed that the bond between clay and clay can treat in depth serious skin problems. This occurs since its action on the cells stimulates circulation, resulting in healthy skin and at the same time curing some of the most common conditions such as acne on the face, back or bust area. Frequent use of these 2 natural agents will cause the skin pores to close, thus preventing more serious problems such as cellulite. It also helps balance the pH of your body, which will give you a better muscle tone thanks to the hydration that the skin will receive.

Some tips that must be taken into account when applying a mud-based mask is that you must first have the skin clean before applying it; this means free from makeup or any impurity. It is important to use distilled water and pour the mixture into a wooden cup. After completing these steps you can apply the paste that must have a uniform consistency, leave it to act for about 20 or 25 minutes and then remove it with natural water.

At the end of the treatment, the ideal is to apply a cream moisturizer so you can enjoy your skin completely renewed. And for you to put into practice all these tips, here we share some essential products so you can start your beauty routine taking care of your skin with mud masks.

1. Face mask imported from Dead Sea

A product made with mud from the Dead Sea. This mask is composed of natural elements such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. The functionality of this product is evidenced in the constant stimulation blood flow, toxin elimination and skin rejuvenation. It also has shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera juice and jojoba oil.

This mask can be applied to the entire body including the face. The mixture feels soft on contact with the skin and its consistency is creamy. Among the benefits that its frequent use brings, the partial or permanent disappearance of acne and bumps can be mentioned, it prevents the appearance of blackheads, and expels all excess oil and toxins present on the skin due to contamination in the environment.

2. Medicinal mixture for face and body

This New York Biology mask is made from Dead Sea mud and can be applied to all types of skin such as dry, normal, oily, combination, sensitive or irritated skin. Due to its advanced formula with the union of minerals, it has clarifying properties that will give a lighter shade to your complexion. It also has a complex herbal combination of aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamin A, sunflower seeds and jojoba oil.

With this treatment you will be able to enjoy smooth skin as it purifies and cleanses the pores of the skin in an effective way offering a feeling of softness and a renewed dermis due to its exfoliating effect. By using it frequently you will be able to eliminate dead cells, impurities and toxins will disappear, and it will stimulate at the same time microcirculation blood improving their appearance.

3. Natural mud with extracts of aloe vera

Created to bring home the benefits of a professional spa treatment, this mask is of high quality and made with clay from the Dead Sea. Its properties are reinforced by ingredients such as aloe aera, jojoba oil, and natural minerals such as calcium, sulfur, bromine, magnesium, iodine, sodium, zinc, and potassium that can detoxify thoroughly and clean the skin. The formula removes all the toxins and impurities that are located in the layers of the dermis where it is most difficult to penetrate.

Enjoy smooth, fresh skin with clean pores and a more beautiful skin tone and a divine texture with the inclusion of this mask in your routine daily beauty. It stimulates blood circulation and moisturizes dry or sensitive skin, giving it a more youthful appearance, avoiding wrinkles. Enjoy a great ally to look beautiful when you go to the beach or get to that special occasion with stunning skin.

4. SPA treatment with oil tea tree

This clay mask has been unified into a formula with extracts of tea tree oil; this makes it ideal for working in the detoxification of the skin, nourishing the cells in depth. Among its elements is the Dead Sea mud, jojoba oil and vitamin E, which make it suitable for any skin type.

With the usual application of this mask you can always show a deeper hydrated skin. You will give it a more aspect youthful and flexible To your face just by rubbing a daily amount on your dermis and the rest of the body so that you begin to notice the healthy changes.

5. 100% natural treatment for women and men

This treatment has been carefully and specially prepared with elements from nature to be applied to your skin and obtain the best results. The Dead Sea mud is one of its elements, which gives it a liquid texture that is much easier to apply to the skin. It also has minerals like silica that strengthens tissues to prevent premature old age or expression lines.

There are many benefits that this mask brings you and below we list some for you to take into account and begin to include this mask in your routine daily beauty: You will have a skin free of toxins and impurities, reduces the amount of fat and restores the pH balance, prevents the appearance of acne and calms psoriasis as it closes the pores.