Does your stomach feel bloated after each meal? Do you have trouble losing weight and following a healthy diet? Do you feel slow and tired throughout the day? Do you struggle with constipation and irregular digestion? If so, the problem could be in your colon.

How much waste is stored in the human body at any given time?

Much more than you probably think. In case you didn’t know, you could carry up to 25 pounds of toxins and waste in your colon. Not a pretty picture, is it? In fact, these toxins can make us feel fat, tired, and sick. This leads to symptoms such as upset stomach, constipation, bloating, heartburn, excessive gas, rapid weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, skin conditions, and allergies, all of which compromise your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Fortunately, some health experts have designed an effective and specialized colon cleanse with probiotics that works in 15 days, to help detoxify waste, eliminate toxins and support weight loss, without the severe side effects.

The 15 day capsules They are a weight loss, colon detox supplement, fat burner, appetite suppressant, probiotics, and laxative.

Why use them?

Is a fast acting formula for fast results. It has a superior blend of the best natural herbs, laxatives and soft fibers, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and specialized probiotic strains.

Help to:

  • To start with weight loss and abdominal fat burning results
  • Cleans, detoxifies and eliminates toxins
  • Relieves uncomfortable constipation and bloating
  • Regulates bowel movements and bowel health
  • Increases mood, concentration, energy levels and metabolism
  • Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Promotes healthier skin and anti-aging benefits
  • Curb stubborn sugar cravings

To achieve the maximum benefits of a colon cleanse, choosing a suitable colon detox supplement is essential. Before starting your cleaning, these are the criteria you should look for:

  • That its ingredients are totally natural (herbs, probiotics and prebiotic fibers)
  • Make them gelatin (bovine) capsules for a faster delivery system
  • Label transparency (all doses per serving of individual ingredients shown on the nutrition panel)
  • Containing probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus is the most researched and clinically proven)
  • Contains medium chain triglycerides to avoid energy depletion
  • Caffeine free
  • Mercury free
  • Among others