Just as we cleanse our face to remove impurities, it is necessary to cleanse the body of fats, junk food, alcohol and other illnesses that can cause stomach upsets, inflammation, gases, burning and more. Flaxseed is an excellent ingredient to cleanse your body without being abrasive or harmful and it is a natural way.

Flaxseed has high fiber content so it will be able to clean your intestine, it is excellent if you present constipation, it helps you to feel without inflammation and without a bulky abdomen, it is a great support when you want to lose weight, since it leaves you satisfied for several hours and helps to reduce cholesterol .

It contains high levels of omega 3 so it will take care of your heart of diseases and that reduces blood pressure, taking care of cholesterol levels. Flaxseed is a product that can be consumed by vegans, it is possible to use it as an egg substitute to create recipes like pancakes or a cake.

Do not abuse the consumption of flaxseed because it contains a lot of fiber and this can cause you to go to the bathroom a lot. Always stay hydrated when you consume flaxseed this will help you purify and feel satisfied for a longer time.

How to consume flaxseed?

You can make flaxseed in a smoothie. For this you need the seeds and place them in the blender with fruits or vegetables, this will help to leave you satisfied for longer, it is ideal if you are losing weight. You will have better digestion and take care of your body. This is a 13 ounce package, which will serve you for various shakes, ideally, after opening it, place it in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness.

If you are vegan or want to consume less egg, flaxseed works as a replacement for various recipes. When placing the ground flaxseed with water, you will notice the consistency is thicker and you can cook and replace the egg in various desserts. A healthier way to cleanse the body, while you feed. This package has 20 ounces, make sure to seal the bag well so that the linseed is not scorched.

You don’t need to have a specific date to consume flaxseed. Mixing it with your smoothies, making a refreshing water or cooking with flaxseed will give your body the detox it needs. Start today and little by little you will notice the difference.