The ginger It is a root with a very special and intense flavor, which is used in the preparation of sauces, soups, marinades, a variety of dishes, desserts and some drinks. However, beyond its use within gastronomy, its use in medicines has also become popular, thanks to its medicinal properties.

So, first of all we can mention that ginger is responsible for improving the blood circulation thanks to its high content of magnesium and zinc, elements that have capabilities that help lower lipids in the blood. This contributes to decrease the accumulation of bad cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

On the other hand, when we include ginger in our diet, we are guaranteeing a better absorption of the essential nutrients for the organism, since this root increases the secretion of the stomach and also the production of pancreatic enzymes. Also, when we have a lack of appetite, chewing a little ginger before meals is good for stimulate appetite.

Also the root features antiviral properties, so it is widely used to treat flu and colds. It has been used in Asia since ancient times to relieve flu, colds and coughs, this is because ginger has effects anti inflammatory that instantly eliminate the symptoms of these conditions.

Several investigations have verified that ginger could contain substances anticancer which are capable of inhibiting the growth of these cells in organs such as the colon and the prostate. Also with its regular consumption, we can reinforce the immune system and keep the body’s defenses strong. This is why here are some options for you to include ginger in your diet.

1. Capsules vegetarian with ginger root

It is a supplement in capsules that has been formulated with authentic ginger root extracted from its natural environment. This supplement is made exclusively from plants and does not contain gluten.

You just need to consume two capsules daily with a full glass of water or the liquid of your choice so that you enjoy a better state of health. A practical and simple option with which you can enjoy all the properties of ginger.

2. Antioxidant made from plants


It is a supplement that has been specially formulated to help increase the lubrication of the joints in order to promote smoother movements with renewed elasticity.

By including this multivitamin and mineral supplement in your daily diet, you acquire a mixture that helps you stimulate immune response, while supporting the health of the joints and muscles.

3. Herbal supplement with organic ginger


This is a herbal supplement that has been specially formulated with ginger roots. organic, this makes it ideal to contribute to digestive health and avoid nausea caused by movement during travel.

A supplement made entirely from certified organic ginger that has been dried to ensure better retention of the natural oils of this healthy root.