The magnesium It is a mineral that our body needs to stay healthy, because it is responsible for many processes in our body. In this sense, it is responsible for regulating the function of both the muscles and the nervous system, blood sugar levels and also blood pressure. It is also in charge of helping to form protein, bone mass and DNA.

Magnesium is usually found in some natural foods and is also a compound found in some fortified foods. In this way, we can obtain recommended amounts of magnesium through the consumption of some foods, such as legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, breakfast cereals, fortified foods, milk, yogurt and other dairy products.

In the same way, we can consume magnesium through dietary supplements, such as multivitamin mineral supplements. It is important to note that among the presentations of magnesium in the easiest dietary supplements to be absorbed by our body we have magnesium aspartate, magnesium citrate, magnesium lactate and also magnesium chloride.

On the other hand, we can also find magnesium within laxative compounds, some products to treat heartburn and indigestion. However, in the diet consumed by most people, the levels of magnesium ingested are not adequate. In this sense, men over the age of 70 and adolescents are those who have the least magnesium intake through food.

In turn, when food is combined with the adequate amount of magnesium and additionally, we consume dietary supplements, the total consumption of magnesium It exceeds the recommended amounts, so it is important to consider these elements both when following a certain diet, and when ingesting different types of supplements.

When magnesium consumption is insufficient, in the short term it does not produce obvious symptoms. The kidneys in healthy people are in charge of helping to retain magnesium by limiting the amount that is expelled through the urine. However, prolonged deficiency of magnesium causes some symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and weakness.

Extreme magnesium deficiency can lead to numbness, tingling, muscle cramps, seizures, personality changes, and even abnormalities of the heart rhythm. For these reasons, it is vitally important to consume foods that allow you to follow a balanced diet and also, some supplements that safely complement the diet, such as those shown below.

1. Magnesium Complex of High absorption


It is a pure, high-potency supplement that provides 500 milligrams of magnesium in a convenient vegetarian capsule and has been formulated without preservatives or binders. This supplement has been specially designed for contribute to muscle relaxation and recovery, to eliminate tension and also improve sleep functions.

This supplement also helps your bone health, contributes to the density and strength of the bones. Higher magnesium intakes are associated with better bone density in your hip and spine. It also contributes to the health of your heart, since helps maintain healthy blood pressure and supports overall heart health.

2. Design of Magnesium glycine


This supplement is made up of tablets for the high absorption of magnesium, formulated with elemental magnesium, magnesium chelate, glycine amino acids and lysine. It is responsible for helping cells to produce energy in the metabolismOptimal support for nerve function, helps muscles relax properly and maintain a healthy heartbeat.

For its part, glycine has proven to be a efficient mineral carrier that facilitate absorption in the intestinal tract. It is used by your body to form collagen, which is a key protein in cartilage and connective tissue. Lysine is an essential amino acid that helps improve your gastric function and you should only take two capsules daily.

3. Tablets Magnesium


These tablets have been specially formulated for support bone health, energy production and muscle function. Magnesium is an important constituent of all body tissues, it is a fundamental mineral for the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth, production and release of energy in cells, the nervous system and muscle function.

Has been created without artificial colors or flavors, gluten free and lactose free, to achieve your goals of fitness, well-being and nutrition. It gives you high-quality nutritional support for a healthier life, complementing your diet in a natural way. An excellent option that you can consume daily to improve your health.

4. Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc


It is a supplement that has been formulated with minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc for a daily portion consisting of three capsules. Its ingredients do not contain gluten, artificial colors or lactose. You can consume the capsules in the company of your food or simply at any time of the day that you want as a supplement.

They are an excellent option for improve and strengthen the health of your bodyIn addition to the fact that magnesium contributes to bone and circulatory system health, calcium and zinc are responsible for strengthening the entire bone system, in order to improve the formation of your bones, the generation of cartilage and benefit in general your physical condition.

5. Supplement Mineral


It is a vegetarian mineral supplement that is formulated to improve muscle function, to support bone health and, at the same time, improve energy production. Contains magnesium which is a important element present in all the tissues of our body, a fundamental mineral for the formation and maintenance of bones, teeth, the production and release of energy in both cells, the nervous system and muscle function.

Your presentation of coated capsules have been formulated gluten-free, preservatives and artificial colors. They contribute to improving your physical state, providing well-being and complementing your nutrition. They are an excellent choice that cannot be missed in your daily diet, accompanying your healthy diet and providing energy for your daily activities.