Take care of your skin, make it look soft and healthy.

Menopause is a stage of many changes, ranging from hormonal to the most obvious physical. The skin begins to age and the different layers of the skin decrease in thickness, the skin is more susceptible to blemishes, there is not much firmness and luminosity. By having a lot of hot flashes and sweating, your skin can present various changes that you are not aware of.

The moment your skin perspires more regardless of the time of year, you may not give it the necessary care, you focus more on controlling hot flashes, sweats and hot flashes. Do not neglect your skin or your face. Do not forget to consume supplements cAs vitamin C, collagen and biotin. These will help make your skin more elastic, remove stains, take care of your joints, bones and tissues.

How to take care of the face?

Your face needs to be hydrated, this wants you to need ingredients that hydrate your skin avoiding dryness, help you to have an even tone and remove stains from your face. We recommend you hyaluronic acid Y the snail slime.

Hyaluronic acid Helps retain moisture, give more elasticity to the face, helps calm irritations, dryness and regenerates the skin. This ingredient is a great ally so that your face does not look tired or swollen.

Snail slime It is perfect to give light to the face, it helps to remove stains. If your face is very oily, it helps control fat. There are serums, blisters, creams and facial masks with snail slime that help your skin to be smooth, fat-free and remove spots in a short time.

How to care for the skin of the entire body?

To all the skin you must give greater protection and extreme moisture. Using one collagen cream It will help your skin to hydrate, nourish and can retain moisture without drying out the skin. Retaining moisture is very important because when you do not have moisture you can feel your skin stiff, dry and can even cause some irritation. The collagen cream It is ideal for use after the shower as a normal cream on the entire body.

Don’t neglect your skin and always consume plenty of fluids. Avoid excess caffeine and products with a lot of salt, as they can create fluid retention and much inflammation.