Shampoo with onion to grow hair.

What is the onion shampoo for? Onion shampoo is a popular product that encourages hair growth, believe it or not, red onion has components that make it possible. Sulfur, quercetin are just some of its compounds, and it is also a powerful antioxidant. If you notice weaker, thinner hair, the hair no longer grows as before, using onion shampoo will be a great tool to stimulate hair follicles to have longer hair.

1. Strengthens hair to prevent hair loss

Onion hair shampoo helps to strengthen age-old hair, dyes, heat products and even contamination can make hair weaker, making hair loss easier. Onion shampoo strengthens it, gives it elasticity and prevents hair breakage and with this the split ends appear. In addition to onion, it has biotin, caffeine, collagen, wheat and silk protein to restructure from roots to ends.

You will feel cleaner and healthier hair with the step of its use. This is just the onion shampoo, but you can get it with the conditioner to give it greater softness to your hair.

2. Improves blood circulation for better hair growth

Another benefit of onion shampoo for hair is that it will help improve circulation. This is thanks to its natural nutrients, as it helps improve circulation so that hair follicles are stimulated and hair can grow. Onion shampoo can also add a touch of shine and softness when combined with argan and macadamia oil.

It can be used on dry, oily or very damaged hair, even on colored hair. And, don’t worry about the onion shampoo it won’t leave your hair smelling onion.

3. Take care of hair from free radicals to strengthen it

The onion shampoo, in addition to stimulating growth thanks to its quercetin content, will help to protect hair from free radicals that They can also affect hair growth. Another ingredient that it has is sulfur, this helps to strengthen the hair. This onion shampoo blends with ingredients like caffeine, castor oil, almonds, argan, vitamin E, and amla oil that make it more powerful to prevent your hair from weakening.

Dyed hair can also be used, as it will help to give it shine, movement and texture. Apply as a normal shampoo, but apply little product and massage to finally rinse.