Discover its properties to lose weight …

The oregano As we commonly know it, it is a spice that we use to cook, and accentuate the flavor of our meals. But do you know how the use of oregano oil helps for weight loss?

Several scientific studies have shown that oregano oil it is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties for our body. Among them is the one that helps to avoid obesity since it has a high content of carvacrol. This chemical compound helps you prevent obesity from high fat diets. In addition, it reduces inflammation in fatty tissues. Also, it helps control appetite, as oregano oil increases dopamine levels in the body. In this way, it helps you manage hunger cues and unhealthy food cravings.

Capsules oregano oil extract:

This 1500 MG oregano extract is from Healthy Supplements, helps improve the digestive system, increase immunity, improve urinary tract health, also to face aging problems. Along with its antioxidant properties, this herbal oregano oil extract can slow the aging process, improve skin conditions, and promote hair growth.

As for digestive aid, oregano extract can show its benefits in supporting the digestion process, as well as in the general well-being of the body. This herbal supplement can help support the digestive tract, deal with digestive problems, and stimulate the digestive process; to improve the level of essential nutrients in the body. As an antioxidant, it brings benefits with its numerous compounds to provide antioxidant activity and improve energy levels, supporting physical activity and boosting the immune system.

Oregano plant

The oregano supplement It is a rich source of Vitamin K. Oregano is rich in manganese and other minerals important to health. It is also a natural source of fiber, which makes it a necessary element to improve intestinal health. Additionally, this herbal supplement is a source of Vitamin C that helps the body promote the immune system. That is, with all its benefits for the health of your stomach and intestines, you can improve its functionality to help eliminate fat and any toxic substance so that you can lose weight.