At Sam’s Club you can save money buying products in bulk.

Sam’s Club is a chain of supermarkets that sells wholesale products. This company is very popular in the United States, since it sells the products at a low price and offers many discounts.

However, in order to enjoy their specials and buy in the store you must be a member and buy a membership. Sam’s Club offers two types of memberships: a basic one that costs $ 45 a year and the plus that costs $ 100 a year.

The benefits offered by basic membership are:

  • Instant savings on select products
  • Exclusive prices for the purchase of gasoline
  • Service to fill empty car tires for free, battery check, etc.
  • A free add-on card
  • You can add up to 8 people to the membership for an annual cost of $ 40

Also, with the basic membership you could get the credit card Sam’s Club Mastercard, with which you can earn 5% on gas purchases, 3% in restaurants and 1% on other purchases. The maximum amount you can get in rewards is $ 5,000 per year with the Sam’s Club credit card.

On the other hand, with the plus membership you can get $ 10 for every $ 500 you spend on selected products (maximum of $ 500 a year), you can get free shipping on most of their products, it offers 20% to 30% discounts on the pharmacy and buy eyeglasses, etc.

By obtaining Sam’s Club membership you will be able to enter the store and buy products in bulk, but at a low price. For example, you can buy a pack of toilet paper 45 units for $ 19.98 or a clothes detergent 250 ounce for $ 15.82. If you want to save more money, you can buy products from the generic brand of Sam’s Club, called Member’s Mark.

In addition to buying household products and food, at Sam’s Club you can buy medicines, since it has a pharmacy. Similarly, it has an Optical Center and jewelry.

On the other hand, by having the Costco membership you can get special discounts in vacation packages, hotel stays or car rental.