Shikakai an excellent product for your hair.

Shikakai is a powder that comes from a plant in Asia and India. Shikakai powder works like a shampoo, but it does not have chemicals, it is a shampoo free of salt, parabens and sulfates. The hair shikakai is an excellent option for giving nutrients to damaged, damaged or very dry hair. We explain how shikaki works for hair growth and to eliminate dandruff.

Who can use shikakai for hair?

  • Any type of hair can be used
  • Can be used if you have a sensitive or irritated scalp
  • Shikakai could darken your hair a bit, it is a good supplement to cover gray hair
  • You can use it if you notice hair loss or have dandruff
  • Shikakai can be applied to men and women

1. The shikakai helps wash hair without mistreating it

If you have just dyed your hair or it is badly damaged, using shikakai on your hair can help you recover. The shikakai contains vitamins A, C, K, D and antioxidants that help keep your scalp from becoming irritated and provide nutrients to your hair. Shikakai powder should be combined with water. We recommend that you do it in a bowl and add water little by little until you have the desired consciousness.

At first you may feel that it doesn’t clean, but what it does is that clean your scalp without being abrasive. The shikakai does not foam, it is natural. Shampoos can have parabens which is what makes them foam, but that is what dries your hair

2. Shikakai aids in hair growth and prevents tangling and mistreatment

One of the benefits of shikakai is that it helps hair growth thanks to the fact that it stimulates hair follicles without mistreating them and in a natural way. It also contains vitamin B, one of the most important for hair growth. By putting the shikakai mixture on your hair, it helps to clean and detangle it without breaking the hair.

The shikakai gives softness and makes hair more manageable. Shikakai has no scent, so don’t expect a rich scent on your hair. When making your mix, massage it very well all over your hair and scalp.

3. Shikakai controls and eliminates dandruff contains a low pH that does not remove natural oils and prevents you from having a dry scalp

The shikakai powder that will be your shampoo helps dandruff to be controlled and therefore cleanses without removing natural oils. It gives the necessary hydration and nutrients so that the scalp is not dry and with this it does not cause more dandruff. Continuous use of shikakai helps make your hair stronger with continued use.

If you have very oily hair, you can use it once or twice a week to give it nutrients and your scalp gets used to shikakai.