Learn more about the properties of this wonderful ingredient.

The snail slime It is a viscous substance that comes off the snail while it is in motion. This mucosa has numerous properties, among which the care and regeneration of the cells that make up the skin stand out. For this reason it is an ingredient widely used to manufacture cosmetics.

This substance produced naturally by snails works in the same way as ingredients like aloe vera, whose properties repair and regenerate the tissues of the skin. Snail slime makes the skin complete its healing process much faster, therefore, it has the ability to remove blemishes, cuts, expression lines and even stretch marks.

The component that gives all its properties to the snail slime is the Allantoin, a substance that is full of antioxidants which help keep skin healthy. It is ideal for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while avoid the appearance of new ones.

This substance, having capabilities regenerating It is useful for removing pimples, blackheads and stains. All this thanks to its high content of Glycolic Acid, which works as a powerful exfoliant that removes dead skin while stimulating its renewal.

Finally, the snail slime is also rich in collagen and elastin substances in charge of preventing flaccidity, promoting a better texture and a much healthier appearance. Containing so many benefits, many cosmetic products have this substance as main ingredient and then we will show you some of the most outstanding.

1. Intensive treatment for skin

A formula containing 91% extract of snail Filtered and ceramide that provides more resistance to the skin. Also, this cream contains adenosine and peptides that improve the elasticity of the cells that make up the dermis.

An excellent option that helps to set your skin tone, while renewing and recovering the smoothness of the cells of the skin, giving it a unique softness and freshness.

2. Repair cream all in one

A proprietary formula that provides Excellent regeneration and recovery of the skin, while solving multiple problems. The product includes a certified anti-aging effect.

An ideal choice for fight fine lines, wrinkles, impurities, acne marks and also provides additional care to the pores. It is responsible for creating elastic, flexible, shiny and healthy skin.

3. Treatment mask for eyes


These are hydrogel patches that provide nutrition and hydration necessary for the skin around the eyes thanks to its high content of snail slime. This particular area of ​​the face is famous for being very sensitive and have a tendency to dry easily.

You only have to put the patch on your eyes, they melt with the temperature of your skin and will provide a hydration more powerful with a smoothing effect and instantly lift your pores.

4. Multi cream functional


Contains African snail slime that helps repair damaged skin by forming a protective film in order to avoid moisture loss. Also, it keeps the skin clear and promotes the formation of melanin.

The dual function of this cream combines ingredients Spacers that also whiten the skin and are very useful for treating fine lines and wrinkles, while preventing the formation of new ones.