According to a report by United Health Foundation In 2018, the obesity rate in the United States has reached the highest level on record. Obesity contributes to various diseases, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer and others. As Hispanics, we often include foods that are not necessarily nutritious in our daily diet, and we consume them almost without realizing it; since they are foods that we have consumed all our life or it is simply “normal” to eat them as part of our cultural cuisine.

For this reason, products that attack obesity or overweight are constantly coming onto the market. As in this case, we talk about the Brazil seed to lose weight.

This Brazilian Seed It is 100% original, pure and of the highest quality. They come in a 30-day supply package, following FDA regulations for sale in the United States. The Brazilian Seed can help you lose weight, remove fat in your body and support your goals of being and looking healthier.

The Brazilian Seed comes from a walnut or almond which is known as bone, and inside it contains these seeds. It has a high content of healthy oil that allows you to eliminate fat from the body naturally. By consuming food, with the Brazilian Seed the body absorbs the fat and processes it more easily and efficiently. What this does is help to eliminate the accumulated fat waste in your system. In addition, it accelerates metabolism and helps regulate various other functions in your body.

Instructions for use: Take 1 piece of brazil seed daily before going to bed. Contraindications: People suffering from ulcers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people over 70 or under 18 years old, should not consume Brazil Seed. For best results it is recommended to drink plenty of water and food with potassium.

You can also consume it as supplement:

This Brazilian Seed is a 100% natural supplement, with a high nutritional content that can help lose weight and remove toxins. This daily supplement can help you reach your ideal weight. This package is 2 boxes for 2 months of use.

How to use: Take 1 bit at night before sleeping. Remember to drink enough water all day and consume food rich in potassium. Never exceed the recommended dose.