No fall and stronger hair.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin and although you may think that it only helps raise your defenses, it is not. Vitamin C can improve collagen production, protect your skin, improve texture, can remove blemishes and prevent wrinkles. Vitamin C for hair helps improve its structure, care for the scalp and prevent hair loss. But why does it help prevent hair loss?

1. Takes care of free radicals and improves iron absorption to prevent falling

Pollutants, sun, alcohol, smoking, and age can affect the growth of your hair. Vitamin C has high levels of antioxidants so that these free radicals do not affect severe fall and can prevent it. Also the consumption of vitamin C for hair helps to improve the absorption of iron, a very important mineral that can improve and help your hair grow.

This is a vitamin C only supplement. If you color your hair a lot, you are in menopause, your hair is thinning vitamin C, improves hair structure It also works together with collagen to take care of it.

2. Strengthens and improves hair structure by improving absorption and increasing collagen production

You need to consume vitamin C for collagen to be produced, regardless of age. Having a good production of collagen helps to take care of the hair structure and strengthen hair follicles so they are not susceptible and your hair falls out. This supplement combines biotin, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid to strengthen, thicken and shine your hair.

With age the hair also ages, with this the hair weakens, delays in growing and loses its elasticity. Vitamin C, takes care of it and prevent hair loss.

3. Take care of the scalp and can prevent dandruff and fungus

Another benefit of vitamin C for hair, helps stimulate your hair to strengthen and stimulate hair follicles. It can even prevent dandruff and fungus problems on the scalp. This is an oil containing vitamin C and amla oil that is responsible for improve hair growth. It can be worn by women and men, they can even put it on a beard and mustache.

Put a little on the tips or combine it with a mask that will help your hair a lot. If you have an oily scalp, do not place it on the scalp, as it may feel heavy. Always go from less to more product.