The latest in personal genetics that you can use for yourself.

23andMe is an American company that has specialized in the field of genetic diagnosis. The main service offered by this company is a personal genetic testing package, which is developed so that users can learn about the genetic roots of an individual and the various traits related to their general health.

In principle, its mission is given by being a reliable source of personalized genetic information, using the fundamental tools of these times, such as the internet, to provide the most accurate information conveniently and immediately. Thanks to these studies on genetics, we can clearly understand the way in which genes are responsible for defining who we are as a group and the role they have in each individual.

23andMe began offering its services at the end of 2007 and thanks to the results of tests published online, it has been possible to perform the evolution of certain inherited traits, genealogy and some of the possible congenital risk factors. You simply need to order the test at line. When ordering the kit you receive a tube, where you place the saliva to start the DNA test.

You just need to deposit your saliva in the tube, return it to the company to be examined under the most accurate analysis. After 2 to 4 weeks, you can access your test results online. Finally, 23andMe offers a genetic study focused on the genealogy of the user as well as the other genetic data without any medical appreciation.

The main types of information that this test can offer you are all related to genetic history, with these data you can be able to search for living relatives who have also performed the test.

With this excellent distance examination you can learn about the global origins of your family, trace the ancestral paths, know first-hand if you are a carrier of any disease, if your descendants can suffer it and discover the fascinating history of your ancestors.

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