If you are looking for a way to lose weightSince you should already know that exercising is not enough, you should also know that it is very important to control the amount of calories you consume per day. To know how many calories you should consume per day, you must take into account your age, height, weight and the type of activities you do daily.

An example of a person with an average age of 35 years, that their height is about 5 and a half feet, and that their weight is around 230 pounds, on average the daily calories that they consume should be about 2,400. And you should bear in mind that this amount of calories is to maintain the weight that you already have; which means that to lose weight you must consume a smaller amount, according to the factors already mentioned that are unique characteristics of each person. For this, the ideal is to visit a specialist doctor so that, based on these characteristics, they will inform you safely of the amount you can consume; eating healthy, and avoid affecting you negatively.

Many experts recommend that in the case of women, they should not consume less than 1,200 calories per day; Y the men not less than 1,800 calories, since this can represent a health hazard.

Here we share several products that you can use as a complement to the exercises and healthy eating that you take, so that you can be at your ideal weight.

1. Red juice organic:

Red Juice It has 11 revitalizing ingredients full of antioxidants that stimulate metabolism, regulate your energy, improve liver function and slow the aging process from the inside out.

It is designed for people who live life on the go and who want to improve their general health, increase fat loss and stop the signs of aging.

2. Black tea from Smith Teamaker:

Special presentation of 15 bags of 100% Sri Lankan black tea leaves. Mixed with aromatic spices to achieve a better taste and smell without affecting the natural qualities of the tea.

With this product you can have a relaxing and special experience with each cup of tea. The natural flavor of black tea tends to be a little bitter, but thanks to its extra aromatic herbs, the flavor of this product is much more pleasant and delicious.

3. SlimGenics Thermo-Boost:

SlimGenics Thermo-Boost It is an energy drink powder with antioxidant and anti-aging properties that fights fatigue and inflammation. Thermo-Boost energy drinks contain vitamins They are full of beneficial ingredients for optimal nutrition; the vitamins, the herbs and active ingredients that it has provide energy and increase weight loss. It comes in 6 flavors to choose from.

These drinks Anti-aging are known to increase cell repair. They work as a healthy, natural coffee replacement for better brain function and mental focus. It also encourages increased daily water intake and provides clean, sustainable energy for healthy aging.

4. Green tea Extract:

This green tea extract It will give you the necessary energy that will last all day without feeling nervous and trembling like other products and supplements with high caffeine content. Zhou Nutrition Green Tea Extract contains Polyphenol Catechins and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) to help support healthy cells in your body and support oxidation of healthy fats.

The combination of caffeine and theanine in green tea has synergistic effects to help support brain function, including mood and alertness. Is he # 1 best seller on Amazon within the green tea category.

5. Green juices – Suja:

These juices It has 22 ingredients such as chard, lemon, coriander, cabbage, spirulina among others that give vitamins, minerals and enzymes to your body in each sip. When drinking it in the morning you can substitute it for breakfast. They will fill you with energy, help your metabolism to work properly and thus lose weight.

They are 3 different flavors, but you can choose only one flavor if you wish. It has over 200 sales and remember to steer clear of fatty foods.