Exfoliations will help keep your skin free of acne and impurities.

Normally, when we review the steps or components of a beauty routine for the skin of our face, the products scrubs they are always an important part to keep our skin free of impurities. This is because, although our skin has its own system that allows it to release dead cells from time to time, there are times when it needs a little extra help due to stressors or the high contamination of our environment and surroundings.

This is when the multiple benefits of a good exfoliation, In addition to ensuring epidermal regeneration, it also eliminates dead cells and accelerates the production of collagen so that your face recovers its youthful appearance. Likewise, it cleanses the pores so that the dermis manages to absorb all the nutrients and moisture necessary to keep it revitalized and without the annoying appearance of blackheads or blackheads.

Now, if you ask yourself how often you should subject your skin to this process, the most common answer is that it depends on the type of skin that you have. But what you should know is that if you have dry skin, you should exfoliate once a week. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that it be every ten days; And if your problem is that your skin is oily and prone to acne, you can go through this process up to twice a week. Although if it is not one of the above but you have a very thin dermis, ideally you apply it every fifteen days so that it is not damaged.

And beyond the characteristics of your skin, what is necessary is that you complete your cleaning, protection and hydration routine after exfoliation so that the dermis can be renewed properly. And so you can make the right decision for your specific needs and characteristics, here we recommend some product options with which you can exfoliate your skin regularly and without mistreating it.

Natural scrub with activated carbon

This Dead Sea charcoal scrub is combined with salts and oils that activate stem cells and collagen to make your skin look smooth and rejuvenated. Further, contains aloe vera, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and spinach, essential ingredients to reduce blackheads, blackheads and cellulite.

Our skin is constantly exposed to pollutants, chemicals and bacteria; that’s why this scrub acts like a magnet for absorb oils and dirt from your skin to prevent your body from being affected by harmful chemicals that accumulate in the dermis; It also minimizes pores, moisturizes the skin, and prevents irritation. You can use a body brush to increase circulation, leaving it radiant and refreshing.

Exfoliating brush multipurpose

This brush is ideal for giving your skin a deep exfoliation, while it also works to remove ingrown hairs or to relieve irritation after waxing. It is made of ABS plastic and has a compact design with a rear handle and silicone bristles that are safe to use on any skin type.

To use it first you have to condition the area of ​​the body to be treated with warm water for more than five minutes so that the pores open, this will guarantee better results at the time of exfoliation or the unsightly hair removal passing it on the skin in circular movements.

It is also a brush used by men and women alike as body massager to reduce cellulite, accelerate blood circulation and improve the appearance of your skin. The important thing is that you use it once a day with a frequency appropriate to your needs.

3. Rotating electric toothbrush with exfoliating cream

The exfoliating cream has an advanced formula that contains peptide and pro-retinol ingredients, which provide solutions that are essential for skin care, to attack aging and give your skin a much healthier appearance. In addition, the package also includes a waterproof cleaning brush, a cleaning head, and two AA batteries.

It is waterproof, so you can wear it comfortably while showering. You just have to moisten the skin of the face before using and gently move it for a time of 60 seconds to achieve that your rotary function with two speeds Gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin daily, giving you a feeling of freshness and softness.

Likewise, it has a cleaning system that removes even the most difficult makeup, while maximizing skin hydration as it activates anti-aging moisturizers. You just have to replace the head every three months to ensure that no debris or dirt accumulates in it and thus obtain the best results.

4. Scrub with Himalayan salt

This Himalayan salt scrub creates a very popular smooth texture due to the many contributions to overall skin health. And as a special extra to the formula, it also gives you the benefits of natural argan, jojoba and sweet almond oils, They provide nutrients and minerals to work together to detoxify, remove dead cells and hydrate to make you look smooth.

This salt scrub Significantly improves skin texture and tone; It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and improves its appearance. It is an essential product if you suffer from circulatory problems or blood pressure; to combat fluid retention and purge the body of negative vibrations; it also relaxes you and removes tension while rejuvenating cells.

To apply this and any other exfoliant to your face properly, you must start the process of cleaning your face by removing any trace of makeup or dirt from your skin, for which you can use a make-up remover special for your skin type, micellar water or a neutral soap. Then you apply a tonic or astringent to prepare the pores and then apply the scrub; rinse your skin with plenty of water and finish the process by applying a moisturizing or anti wrinkle cream according to your preference and a good eye contour.

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