Many people will say that every day and even more than once a day … but How often is it that we should really bathe?

The truth is that everything will depend on the person as an individual. By this is meant that there are many factors to consider that are what will determine how often you should do it. For example, if you live in a place with very hot weather vs. a cold one, if you exercise frequently; if you work outdoors exposed to contamination, if you suffer from a problem on your skin such as Psoriasis etc. In order to decide how many times you should take a bath, you have to think about what really suits you.

According to science, it is said that to avoid bacteria, and to avoid infections, what we need is to bathe only once or twice a week, indicates Dr. Juan. He also mentions that people who bathe very frequently dry their skin, it opens and bacteria enter the body that can cause infections.

For him care and health of your skin, below we share some products that you can use when bathing according to your need:

1. Body bath gel goat’s milk with vitamin E:

East NATURES COMMONSCENTS bath gel provides natural alternatives to chemical-based products to make people’s lives healthier and more enjoyable, and to help control a variety of their skin conditions. It is 100% natural and does not contain harmful chemicals.

It is a smooth and creamy product for the skin that will make your skin feel clean and smooth. Goat milk is perfect for people with dry or sensitive skin or diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Goat milk can reduce skin inflammation, soothe dry and damaged skin, reduce wrinkles and signs of skin aging. It has the closest pH level to our own skin, which helps protect our skin from invasive bacteria. Goat milk is loaded with nutrients and vitamins essentials like C, B1, B6, B12 and E.

2. Vitamin Cleaning Bar – Baxter of California:

Improve your daily shower routine with Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar. This body bar features a rich foam that gently cleanses dirt and impurities from the skin.

Smooth dry skin with a formula of nourishing ingredients such as aloe, algae extract, vitamin A, and vitamin E. The colored stripe in the center is full of glycerin and helps hydrate skin by retaining moisture. Paraben free, this cleaning bar vitamins it is ideal for daily use and is gentle enough on the face as well. Citrus & Herbal Musk Essence is a gentle herbaceous fragrance with musky notes for a subtle, masculine scent, which is why it is recommended primarily for men to wear.

3. Vitamin filter – Sumi Eco:

Turn every moment of the bath into an aromatherapy session with this lavender and vitamin shower filter, designed for those who want a safe and functional way to take care of their skin. This filter helps you fight with the dull appearance, and the skin ruined by the water that comes out in the shower.

Designed with the best chlorine removal techniques, the Aroma Vitamin Shower Filter also improves the appearance of wrinkles, and provides younger and smoother skin. It also cures itching, dry skin, eczema, dandruff, improves nail condition, prevents hair loss, and relieves stress.

How to keep your skin healthy in general?

  • Do not last more than 30 minutes bathing
  • Don’t bathe in too hot water
  • When you go out to bathe, hydrate yourself using creams and lotions since when you apply them with your skin still wet it can block the escape of moisture from the dermis.