Take care of your body from intestinal problems.

If you are in menopause and have experienced constipation, bloating, heartburn and gas more than normal, it is very common for this to happen during menopause. Lack of estrogens also decrease the ability for your intestines to function properly. A good diet, avoiding salt at meals, increased hydration and zero alcohol consumption are important for improving certain intestinal problems.

Relieve gas and belly pain

It’s normal for you to have more gas during menopause, and this can happen for several reasons. Mainly it is food and hormonal change. Estrogens help your intestines work properly. When its decrease there can be many gases and a more bloated belly.

Now your body has changed and you must realize that food could cause you more gases. Every woman can be sensitive to certain foods than others. These pills will help you relieve that pain and extreme swelling from gases. Consume one capsule after food.

For moments with a lot of swelling and heartburn

Sometimes there are discomforts in menopause such as inflammation of the belly and heartburn. For those moments drinking a mint infusion will help you to eliminate swelling, pain and heartburn. It will also help cool you down from hot flashes and calm sweating.

You can drink this infusion cold or hot, from the 2 ways will help you feel relief. The best thing is that it is caffeine free so you can take it at any time, even at dawn.

3. Forget about constipation

Constipation can also occur at menopause due to a lack of fiber and nutrients. These pills contain fiber, help improve digestion, lower cholesterol levels, keep blood levels balanced and give you energy. With this you can go to the bathroom without problem.

It is important that you do not abuse the excessive consumption of fiber in your diet, as it can cause diarrhea or many intestinal gases. Take care that consumption is moderate and you will not have any problem.

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