Brittle nails can ruin your enamel and sometimes resorting to false nails makes your nails weaker still. Brittle nails have a solution, but you must do a treatment, that’s why we recommend an enamel, a cream and some vitamins for the nails, because they will be a perfect fusion for you to look like beautiful hands with very strong nails.

1. Hoof: results in up to a week with stronger nails

Having brittle nails have a solution, but it is important that you give them the vitamins and most important minerals. This is a cream that helps strengthen brittle nails by preventing them from splitting, falling out in layers and prevents it from cracking. It also strengthens your cuticle and makes your nails stronger, so that they grow as you have always dreamed of.

You should only apply in nails and cuticle, It has a slight coconut smell so you will have a rich aroma in your hands. If you always use hand cream, apply it before putting this cream.

2. Nail Tek: long and strong nails to show off your favorite color

If your nails are already growing and you suddenly notice that part of your nails has already broken, it can be frustrating. To prevent nails from breaking, chipping and growing too slow, this is a polish which helps to harden and avoid brittle nails. You just have to put it on before you put on your colored enamel and voila.

Many buyers have noticed changes from the first days, they have grown faster and are no longer broken as before. It has 4.2 stars.

3. Nature Made: vitamins for nails

Having brittle nails is also synonymous with deficiency of vitamins. Consuming a supplement is the easiest way to heal your nails. This supplement for nails it has biotin, and vitamin C, They help the natural production of collagen, this will help your nails grow stronger and forget about brittle nails.

This supplement will help you for your hair, nails and on your skin. Although the supplements are not that fast, yes they are very effective. So increase the consumption of these vitamins to have long nails.