How to make the keratin treatment last longer?

If you have already done or want to do a keratin hair treatment, we tell you what you can do to make it last longer and how to take care of your hair. Ideally, you always dye it first and then you can do the keratin treatment to make it last longer. If you go to the pools avoid submerging your hair because the chlorine makes your treatment last less and mistreat. These 3 products will help you to take care of the keratin in your hair.

1. Wash with shampoo without salt for keratin only 2 times a week

It is important that while you have a keratin treatment you wash your hair with the correct shampoo. A salt-free shampoo for keratin it is sulfate and sodium freeBecause these 2 ingredients can shorten the duration of keratin and also mistreat it too much. This is a set of shampoo and conditioner, it is also recommended not to wash your hair as often, that is, daily.

It is a very mild shampoo without salt for keratin that will give strength and movement to your hair. Choose to wash your hair twice a week, to keep it soft and to be prolonged the life of keratin treatment.

2. Wear a mask to protect keratin and smooth it longer

Wearing a keratin mask helps converse smoothing, prevents breakage, protects it from high temperatures and the ingredients of your dye. This mask should be applied after the shampoo, leave it to act for about 3 minutes and rinse. Always bathe with warm water, so that it does not spoil your keratin treatment.

This mask with keratin, you can use it 2 to 3 times a week. Having a keratin treatment makes you take special care to make it last longer and hair stays healthy free from breakage.

3. Protect your hair with a heat protector and sunscreen

Pollution, sun and heat products can damage the keratin treatment, the important thing is to take care of it so that your hair stays healthy, strong and without breakage. If you are going to the beach or you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time, protect your hair so that the dye and keratin do not wash off.

IF your hair is dyed and has a keratin treatment, cares for and protects it from contaminants. A spray with argan oil and rich in nutrients to care for the hair with keratin.