The menstrual cup is a device made of surgical silicone that is used to collect flow during menstruation.

Have you heard of the menstrual cup but you don’t know how to use it or are you scared to try it? I understand you, it is something that seems different, but when you use it you can find many benefits, not only for yourself, but also for the environment. Keep reading that today I explain a little more about what it is and how to choose it.

Let’s start at the beginning, the menstrual cup is a device made of surgical silicone that is used to collect flow during menstruation. It is hygienic and depending on whether your flow is abundant or regular, it can last 6 to 12 hours without emptying.

Although it might seem like something super new and modern, the reality is that there were rudimentary versions of the cup since 1867, but it was not until 1987 that a latex version appeared and in 2000 the silicone version that we enjoy now.

The benefits of using the cup are many. Among them is that it is durable. You invest once and can last up to 5 or 10 years, which makes it good for the environment. Count how many sanitary pads or tampons you use per year and imagine the amount of garbage that generates. Also, it is good for the interior environment of your vagina, since it does not have chemicals like other menstrual hygiene products.

OK, maybe you are convinced, but how do you choose it?

The size of the cup will depend on several things, including how abundant your flow, height of the cervix or cervix, if you have been pregnant, births and tonicity of the pelvic floor, just to mention a few.

The reality is that you may have to try several options until you find the one that really works for you. And in my experience I can tell you that it usually takes two to three months to learn how to put it right, so be patient.

The cup usually comes in various sizes. If you have a heavy discharge, you have become pregnant and have given birth, the best option is to use the cup in a large size, also if the cervix is ​​long. How do you know how long it is? You can measure it by inserting the middle finger and palpating the cervix – the bulging part at the end of the matris neck that looks like a donut – if to reach it you need to enter the whole finger the matris neck is long, if you can touch it introducing only up to the first or second knuckle is short. This is important for placement to be effective.

In this case, alternatives such as Lunette or Diva tend to be effective:

If your flow is regular or light and the cervix is ​​short or medium, you can try alternatives such as Organic Cup:

If your pelvic floor is strong and you are super active, you may need a stiffer cup that is not very easy to bend like firewood:

As I mentioned earlier, you may well have to experiment with several alternatives until you find the one that fits your body perfectly and makes you feel comfortable. Once you find her, I can assure you that she will be your partner for years.

If you want more information you can listen here theepisode number 3 of my podcast, From the Uterus, In which I speak without filters of the menstrual cup and the most common questions with the Graduate in naturopathy and advocate of the menstrual cup, Claudia Colón.

By: Mayra Ortiz-Nieves – Women’s Health Coach / Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher / Licensed Massage Therapist