Take care of your weight while taking care of your health.

Menopause is a stage with many changes from hormonal to physical. Weight gain is very prone as hormones and metabolism are no longer the same. You can gain weight during menopause if you do not take care of yourself or have no knowledge of the foods you are consuming.

The ideal is to control the weight in a healthy way. We give you 3 tips so you can take care of your body without gaining weight and that you have a less worrisome menopause.

1. Do moderate exercise every day

You don’t need to do a 3-hour routine in the gym, you body needs to move. This is a standing exercise machine that you can move your arms with resistance bands and legs on the pedals. You can modify the intensity, the time and see the calories you are burning.

You can do it every morning while enjoying a television series. The ideal is to have a moderate physical condition. Helps you not gain weight and your body stay active.

2. A chocolate shake in the morning or to calm cravings in the days

One of the best ways to start the day is with a chocolate shake, because it has the perfect amount of protein to have all day. Will leave you satisfied and it will help you not have those continuous cravings for the day. You can combine it with water or milk, opt for a vegetable milk such as quinoa or almond, they have more calcium and fewer calories.

After exercising, this smoothie will leave you full and energized to do your next activities. If you have cravings, opt for dried fruit or nuts, it is important to take into account the calorie intake.

3. Eating healthy and foods that help calm menopausal symptoms

Soy isoflavones are perfect for calming some menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and hot flashes. Tofu is a great natural source of soy isoflavones. It is a food that is not eaten alone, but you can season it like any other meat. There are different consistencies, this one that is firmer can be cut into cubes and made into fajitas or roasted.

Tofu perfectly absorbs all species and it is very low in calories. It is perfect for eating healthy and without so many calories. There are thousands of recipes on the internet that will help you have more ideas on how to cook it.