Who does not like to show off a flat and fit belly? Although the vast majority will say yes, many people do not know how to do abdominal exercises correctly to avoid getting hurt and achieve results in a short time.

The abdominal muscles are covering the area of ​​the wall of the abdomen. These are the ones in charge of stabilizing the body, your posture, protecting the internal organs, among other things, but it is also an area where fat accumulates quickly. The abdominal exercises are the ones you should do to lose that unwanted fat. These exercises do not have to affect other areas of the body when exercising. When they are not done in the right way, they end up causing severe pain in the back, especially in the lower back. So below we share some machines that you can use as a resource to exercise your abs, without affecting your back by hurting it.

1. Ab machine XtremepowerUS:

XtremepowerUs Abdominal Crunch Coaster offers a new exercise solution to strengthen the middle part of your body. This ab crunch coaster machine is designed as a bottom-up exercise that is different from other ab crunch machines. The benefits of XtremepowerUs Ab Machines are that they are designed to work your abs, shoulders, back, arms and legs while providing a more efficient way to exercise without hurting yourself.

The exercise machine offers a contoured padded cushion to support your arms and legs during a training session. This machine can be used for a complete exercise routine or just as an abdominal trainer.

2. Machine Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer:

Machine to work with your abs without hurting yourself. The Ab Rocket It works like gym equipment, with a head and back brace that comfortably supports your head and neck, along with a rolling cushion that gives you a gentle massage while doing sit-ups. Whether you want to tone your abs, strengthen your core, or melt inches from your waist, the Ab Rocket’s three resistance levels are up to the task.

As a bonus, the Ab Rocket comes with a free fat removal system, which includes a low-calorie meal plan with easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes, and an instructional DVD with five-minute Ab workouts, cardiovascular exercise. Pilates training and assistant. The Ab Rocket is easy to store and weighs just 10 pounds.

3. Machine AB Doer 360:

Transform your entire body with the Abdobics Ab Abdominal Exercise Machine, which includes a DVD and Nutrition Guide. Ab Doer 360 is an exercise system to use ABDOBICS, scientifically designed to burn more calories and build muscles quickly without hurting your back.

Work the core muscles around your waist with patented multi-directional technology. Tighten your core, improve flexibility and relieve back discomfort, Quick and effective for any age, size, weight and level of fitness. It is light, compact and easy to assemble. Includes: Ab Doer 360, Nutrition Guide, Motivational Calendar and John AbDo Instructional DVD.