The most efficient way to eliminate bad breath.

The halitosis, more popularly known as bad breath, is one of the most common ailments and this condition is the cause of many embarrassments and a large number of uncomfortable situations that can become a problem when establishing social ties with other people. It is not surprising that in most stores and pharmacies we can find a variety of products that are specially formulated for prevent and eliminate bacteria causing bad breath.

Among the causes of halitosis we can find the habitual consumption of certain types of food, diseases dental and oral hygiene habits that the person has. According to its severity, this condition can improve with the practice of good and constant oral hygiene. On the other hand, the symptoms of halitosis will depend on the origin of the bad breath or some external causes that require a more rigorous diagnosis. Some people tend to worry a lot about everything relevant to mouth hygiene, even if they do not suffer from this condition.

Halitosis usually begins in the mouth and occurs for various reasons, one of the most common being the remains of foods They begin to decompose by constant contact with the salivary glands. In this sense, the breakdown of food particles left between and around the teeth can increase the amount of bacteria in the mouth and cause an unpleasant odor. Also, some foods such as onion, garlic, and some strong-smelling spices can also cause halitosis.

Any habits like chewing or smoking tobacco are also quite unpleasant odor triggers. Smokers are the people who tend to be more prone to gum disease, this being another source of bad breath. Another factor that causes this annoying condition is poor hygiene of the mouth in general, and it is no surprise to anyone that a person who does not brush properly and does not use dental floss daily to clean between the teeth is vulnerable to bad breath.

Also the language can trap bacteria that cause halitosis. In the case of people who wear dentures and do not clean them frequently or those who do not fit them well on the gums, they can collect food debris and bacteria that cause the bad smell. On the other hand, dry mouth is another factor that influences the appearance of bad breath. A curious fact is that the saliva It is responsible for helping with the cleaning of our mouth as it has the ability to clean and eliminate bacteria. So when the production of saliva decreases, this generally occurs while we sleep, it is the cause of bad breath in the morning.

The consumption of certain types of drugs that dry the mouth can also indirectly become elements that cause halitosis. For their part, infections in the oral area caused by wounds, surgeries, recent dental extractions, caries, diseases of the gums or sores, they are also situations that stimulate the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. The suffering Infections at the throat, mouth, or nose level can also lead to bad breath over time.

One of the ways to reduce and eliminate bad breath, prevent cavities And reducing the risk of gum disease is undoubtedly following a rigorous oral hygiene routine that includes all the utensils to guarantee to guarantee the sterilization of the entire mouth. In case of an undiagnosed oral condition, it is possible that in addition to visiting the dentist, there must be a medical review with another specialist doctor. Similarly, the use of products specially formulated for this purpose are an excellent way to combat halitosis, such as those detailed below.

Rinse buccal with 24-hour action


It is a mouthwash specially formulated to effectively combat bacteria that cause bad breath. It has been created with ingredients 100% natural highly effective in the care and protection of oral health. Its exclusive and patented ingredient OXYD-8 attacks and destroys the volatile sulfur components that cause bad breath.

After each brushing of your teeth and tongue, just rinse your entire oral cavity with this refreshing rinse to ensure fresh breath. In addition to eliminating any food, bacteria or residue that may cause halitosis, it refreshes your breath and leaves you feeling clean and fresh that lasts up to 24 hours.

2. Toothpaste with activated carbon


This oral cleaning set is prepared to provide the best experience of watch out from the mouth. The set includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and a tongue cleaner. The toothbrush has activated carbon, a practical handle and ultra-fine bristles that completely eliminate all kinds of residues and stains on the teeth.

Toothpaste formulated with activated carbon is the solution perfect not only to keep your breath fresh; but also to remove stains, discoloration, oral ulcers and other common problems that affect the health of the mouth.

3. Gel spheres refreshing of breath


These are soft gel capsules created to refresh your breath. They are formulated with peppermint oil and parsley seed oil, plus it is completely free of preservatives and artificial flavors. It also does not contain sugar, alcohol or gluten.

It is a breath and breath freshener that you just need to swallow so that its concentration and natural power of Long duration Eliminate all the bacteria that can cause bad breath. With these soft capsules you can be sure throughout the day that your breath is clean and fresh.

4. Rinse Oral with essential oils


It is a mouthwash that contains essential oils flavored by Mother Nature and sweetened with xylitol. It is formulated to protect teeth, combat dental plaque and refresh breath. It contains extracts of aloe vera that soothes the gums and keeps them healthy.

Does not contain alcohol, offers you oral care safe and effective using a formula that has been a pioneer in the field of oral health. It is responsible for eliminating bad breath at the molecular level, in this way, guarantee your confidence and fresh breath throughout the day.

5. Menthol foils that kill 99% of bacteria

They are oral care foils that dissolve instantly, refresh your breath and eliminate 99.9% from the germs and bacteria that cause bad breath. They have been formulated with specific ingredients for the health of your mouth, they are also totally free of sugar and are very easy to use.

You just need to take one sheet from the comfortable case, place it on your tongue and let it dissolve to enjoy fresh breath throughout the day. You immediately feel the freshness and cleanliness in your entire mouth, and you can use these strips as many times as you consider necessary.

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