There are women who hide their gray hair, and others who wear it with pride. Whatever your case, gray hair is much thicker and rougher than younger strands, so it is essential to give it special care in which we can nourish it, repair it, to leave it soft, healthy, and shiny.

Take a look at the following specialized products for gray hair:

1. Conditioner Muss Botanika:

Muss Botanika restores and rejuvenates gray hair. Leaves hair clean, silky, strong and intensely shiny without looking greasy.

Formula enriched with keratin, hair rebuilding protein, biotin, vitamin H, with high fortifying power of the hair fiber. Restores the strand structure by hydrating and providing radiant shine from root to tip.

2. Shampoo expert from L’oreal:

L’Oreal product It contains amino acids to maintain the clarity of the hair with a gray or white t Presentation of 500ml with dispensing nozzle for greater ease of application.

It maintains the healthy color of gray hair and improves its appearance are some of the benefits that this shampoo gives you. Preserves the purity and natural shine of gray or white hair by removing unwanted yellow tones from the hair.

3. Shampoo Clairol Shimmer Lights:

Color enhancer that refreshes discolored highlights of blonde and silver hair. Its formula is soft, non-alkaline and enriched with proteins that reduces the yellow color of the hair.

Hair without residues is the result that every woman wants and Shimmer lights It is that toning shampoo that helps the hair have the natural gray color. Users who have tried it also recommend using the conditioner from the same line for best results.

4. Conditioner Silk 18:

Product made in the United States with a comprehensive combination of conditioning ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba and keratin for hair. In addition, it includes 18 different silk amino acids that give hair softness.

Conditioner hydrates and contains a formula that prevents gray hair from looking dull and makes hair smooth and shiny. It is the best seller in the hair conditioner category of Amazon.