Our feet do not have to suffer for a shoe.

Surely when reading the title, you have remembered those shoes that you adore, but that you have not worn for a long time because of how uncomfortable they are. So that this does not happen to you anymore, we bring you this list of products that can help your feet not suffer with your favorite shoes.

1. Gel insoles Dr. Scholl

These Dr. Scholl templates They are specially designed for people suffering from foot fatigue, either by walking or standing all day. With its massage gel technology and its cushioned surface, it provides a soft and comfortable support for your feet. In addition, they can be adapted to fit any type of shoe without problem and are unisex.

Some good templates in your shoes, they can be the key to not suffer more with your shoes. At a great discount and backed by a renowned brand, these gel insoles can make a difference in those closed-toe shoes you can’t stand.

2. Metatarsal patches by Walkize

This is a product designed especially for heels and provide support in the area that suffers the most: the metatarsal. With this gel patch covered in fabric, Walkize offers a solution to uncomfortable heels. Underneath, they have a non-slip surface that ensures the patch doesn’t move out of place. In addition, the brand is so confident in its product that it has a lifetime warranty.

I think this product is necessary for any woman who wants to feel more comfortable in her heels, and to walk with more confidence and lightness. It is a product that is highly valued in Amazon and very versatile, adapting to different types of shoes.

3. Heel protector Hotop

If you are tired of having your heels hurt by your shoes, this is the ideal product for you. Hotop It features padded patches that stick inside the shoe and provide comfort to your heel. It is available in three different colors and has a curved design, to fit each shoe perfectly.

East accessory It is the cheapest on the list, but no less important. It is a simple solution to a problem that afflicts both women and men, especially in shoes that are used without stockings or with low stockings.

4. Accessory to stretch shoes Eachway

We have all suffered from overly tight shoes, but with this product from Eachway you can solve that problem. It is a plastic and aluminum accessory, which with its knobs and accessories helps to stretch the shoe. It can be used to stretch the width, length or height with the same product, leaving it to work for 24 to 48 hours. This accessory is suitable for all types of shoes, except boots, and for the right or left foot alike.

This is the accessory Best rated on the list, with 4.5 stars from customers in Amazon. Each package contains two devices, 10 stretching accessories and a shoehorn, making it a very complete and functional product.