The key is to be creative and collaborate as a family to carry it out!

What mother or father does not dream of power celebrate the fifteenth birthday to your daughter?! With this article you will know how to organize it on a budget under $ 100.

In all planning, the first thing to do is establish the budget you can spend. Maybe you do not have the entire amount at the moment, but if you start early you can set aside the amount you decide to dedicate to the party. Another fundamental key is prepare in time. It is advisable to start the organization at least 6 months in advance of the date the quinceañero is going to celebrate. Define the task you have to do month by month to successfully achieve your goal. Remember to divide the tasks between several family members who are committed to helping and have the time, so that together as a team, they can do it.

After establishing these bases, it is time to select the materials and other products necessary for the event. Look below a list of what you need, along with the cost, so you can see that in the end, the total of everything will be below $ 100.

1. Short lace dress Quinceañera: $ 34.99

The most important thing for the party is the dress that the quinceañera will wear at her party. Nowadays more and more girls prefer to use short dresses to show them off, instead of the pompous long dresses that have been used before.

This dress It comes in 9 different colors to choose from, from size 2 to 16. It’s made with two layers of chiffon with lace, built-in bra, concealed zip on the back, and gold handmade applique trims.

2. Tiara crown for the Quinceañera: $ 11.99

Tiara crown with plastic comb on each side to fit the hair. The metal part is copper, silver plated, with crystals and rhinestones. It has the number 15 design. It is lightweight, and comes in a gift box.

3. Decoration set 35-Piece: $ 29.99

East decoration set includes 35 pieces:

  • 40-inch balloons of numbers 1 and 5 to make # 15
  • 12 pink gold balloons
  • 12 white pearl balloons
  • 6 confetti balloons
  • 1 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – Foil banner
  • 1 Metal curtain with sheet fringes
  • 1 piece – colorful star banner (light pink, white, gold)
  • 1 # 15 topper for the cake. Size 4.5 in. Wide and 4.0 in. High

4. Invitations from “My Fifteen Years”: $ 9.99

Set of 8 15 year party invitations Classic design with a modern touch. Each folded invitation has interior space to write the basic details of the party. Includes white envelopes, 1 for each invitation. They are professionally printed on heavy duty paper with a photo gloss. They’re then hand folded and individually inspected, then carefully packaged with squiggle flap envelopes, making this blush stationery set a must-have for any birthday party.

All for a total of $ 86.96 on Amazon. You do not have to pay shipping costs if you are a Prime member.

You’re not yet Prime member? Everyone can subscribe to Prime starting a 30-day free trial period. In addition, you can easily search and make purchases in Spanish.

For the cake (cake) and the rest of the food, coordinate with your family; so that each one prepares a dish and so together they all collaborate and cover that part of the party. And as for the party place, they can do it in the patio of the house or in an available space of a relative. Other options are to ask for permission to do it at the school where the quinceañera studies, at the neighborhood church, or anywhere else that is very special for the party queen, and does not require payment.

Be creative! They will save a lot of money if they use their imagination and work collaboratively with the family. With few materials and a lot of love, they can have a great party.