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The safety of our home is the first thing we think of when we go on vacation. Therefore, we must not rule out any type of effort or expense to guarantee the care and protection of our homeAlthough it may cost us a little at first, it will be totally worth it in the long run. That is why we share below some practical, safe and easy to install devices and products to keep your home safe while you are on vacation.

1. Set up motion sensor security lights for use outside the home:

URPOWER: Solar lights


Motion Sensor Security LightsThey are wireless, waterproof and with automatic movement activation / deactivation system. They have a detection range of 10 feet with an angle of 120 degrees.

These lights automatically turn on and off when motion is detected or no longer detected. It is ideal to place anywhere and get outdoor light in your garden, patio, hallway or porch, they are resistant to water and heat, guaranteeing long durability.

2. Place a Camera System Video with night vision:

It is a system Easy and quick installation; Just download the application and create an account to have full access to all the recordings from any smart device. You always stay connected, you do not miss a moment and you receive alerts when a movement is detected.

You can install it indoors or outdoors, as these cameras are waterproof. You will be able to cover all the areas of your house to have them always under surveillance, you also have an excellent and professional customer service, which you can contact 24/7.

3. Put mini security cameras inside the house:

Lambow – security camera compatible with smartphone

Lambow it has a mini security camera with HD 720p video, 80º wide angle lens, 4x digital zoom, HD screens with H.264 compression and 1/4 ″ CMOS sensor.

This mini camera will send you an email alert to any registered movement, and you will also be able to watch 4 live broadcasts in the phone application or 64 live broadcasts on the PC at the same time. Supports remote viewing via mobile devices iOS, Android or Windows PC.

4. Place security lanterns in the yard and around your house:

Baisde – waterproof lanterns

The Baisde lanterns They collect solar energy all day and then automatically switch on at dusk. They come with built-in rechargeable NI-NH battery (600mAh).

Waterproof, durable, withstand all kinds of weather throughout the year and do not need wiring, and since they only require solar energy, you can place them anywhere you want.