Efficient ways to have a dandruff-free scalp.

The dandruff It is a type of fungus also known as pityriasis, which causes flaking of the dermis under the scalp. This condition arises when a shortening of the process of cell renewal due to the existence of dead skin on the head.

Dandruff usually begins to develop at puberty and worsens, reaching its maximum expression over the age of 20. In this sense, the incidence of this problem is decreasing in people when they advance in age. This is deeply related to the person’s hormonal activity. However, the common cause is the fungus called Pytirosporum or voucher.

The fungus It is found naturally in the skin, but when the dandruff develops, it alters the natural microorganisms of the skin, thus causing irritation of the scalp. Dandruff can also be caused by psoriasis, which is nothing more than heavy sweating or excess fat on the hair. Improper brushing or excessive chemicals can also cause dandruff to appear.

This condition causes discomfort such as itching and burning as well as negatively affecting a person’s aesthetics. If the dandruff is not treated in the proper way it can lead the person to scratch the scalp causing the appearance of a scab or it can also evolve into fat pityriasis.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to eliminate dandruff is with the use of products Formulated to prevent and eliminate the appearance of fungi, as well as hair treatments that are responsible for regulating the detachment and sagging of the skin. It is important that they are non-aggressive products that take care of the scalp and that do not alter the pH of the skin.

Thinking about it, here we show you a selection of some products that can help you eliminate the annoying dandruff.

1. Brush massager for the scalp


It is a shampoo brush with a handle and a design that massage the scalp. Its bristles are made with soft silicone, which produce an effect that stimulates blood flow.

It is also responsible for stimulating the oil glands to deep clean and exfoliate your scalp, while relaxing muscles and reducing stress. Its handle is perfect and fits comfortably in your hand.

2. Formula anti-dandruff with pH balanced

This is a shampoo with a scientifically proven formula that is ideal for treating dandruff and preventing complications like psoriasis or seborrhea. It is responsible for controlling flaking, redness and itching.

You just need to apply this shampoo on your scalp, massage gently and then rinse with plenty of water. You should repeat this process every 3 or 4 days for 8 weeks to get positive results.

3. Natural oil treatment tea tree


It’s a shampoo 100% organic with a preservative-free formula that provides an energizing scent. It is responsible for removing dead cells and also stimulating hair growth.

It is enriched with jojoba oil, an ingredient that softens the scalp and gives your hair a instant hydration. Leaves your hair feeling fresh and revitalized.

4. Set of shampoo and conditioner


This is a set of shampoo and conditioner with an oil-based formula of virgin coconut and avocado that rejuvenates weak, fine or damaged hair while detoxifying your scalp.

Improve your cleaning routine including both products When you plan to wash your hair, this way you can get better results that will last for a much longer duration.