Eliminate these pesky pests once and for all.

The most undesirable and unpleasant visitors that we can have in our house are undoubtedly the roaches and insects. If we do not attack them in time, they can proliferate and become a real problem. First of all we must have a cleaning rigorous, keeping everything in order and disinfected, in this way we avoid moisture and residue accumulation.

On the other hand, placing mosquito nets on the windows and drains prevents the insects have access to the house. It is important to seal any holes or cracks through which they may have access. It is essential not to leave food remains that can attract them, so it is convenient to sweep or vacuum the floor after eating. In the same way, remove the appliances periodically and clean under them.

At home we must avoid accumulating papers or waste, if they are found in empty rooms or dark or humid places they are the perfect conditions for them to appear. In the same way, we must have the garbage always covered in its containers and be careful with the food of the pets that is generally at ground level.

When we already have them at home, the first thing we must do is locate the focus where they are, use insecticides whose effects are immediate to control pests. However, we must be cautious because they are toxic if we use them in large quantities. We can use them before leaving home, this way we will not be exposed to the product.

There are also other methods such as films or adhesive tapes, which are a very effective type of hunting trap and we can place them anywhere. In case it is very strong and the proliferation of the pest is uncontrollable, it is necessary to resort to professional help. To prevent you from reaching this point, we recommend some products to help you.

1. Advion Cockroach: Gel insecticide

It combines a highly effective and patented gel formulation with a powerful active ingredient not repellent. Cockroaches cannot resist this component and even the most difficult populations are quickly controlled.

It gives you speed and spectrum in a single product, it offers you a superior control and simplifies the work of exterminating pests. It is a comprehensive control of roach infestation.

2. AX: Ultrasonic repellent

Uses cutting-edge technology to keep pests out of the house forever. You will see a reduction in the activity of the pest in just 6 days and the complete disappearance in less than 3 weeks.

This set includes 6 units and 12 mosquito patches to protect you and your family inside and outside the home. Is a simple way to end the annoying and undesirable plague.

3. Hot Shot: Bait Station


This bait is extremely attractive to roaches because it combines a food source with a water source, delivering a lethal dose quickly.

Kill rodents where they breed, you only have to place stations where you have seen roaches or in remote placesclose to cabinet walls, under sinks, refrigerators, and cabinets.